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Monday, December 7, 2009


I want much more emphasis on human relationships. In my first career, I didn't realise what sport can mean to the people. Now I understand better.

My big problem is that I am basically shy. When the spotlight is on me, I crawl into my shell, instead of showing that I can be funny or fun. I'm trying that now. It's my job.

- Justine Henin on her new approach to tennis

Ah, so JuJu finally realized that sports isn't just about the athlete but it's also ENTERTAINMENT.

I guess we should sit back, relax, and get ourselves ready for some serious Belgian LOLs y'all.

[Photo(s): AP]


  1. Erm, Richie...are we to assume Justine is going to grab the Chair mic and break out into stand-up during changeovers at the AO?...
    "But seriously, folks...yesterday during Serena's practice session I yelled out "Foot fault!" and pointed to Roger Federer when she looked to see who yelled it." *rimshot*

  2. ROFL can you imagine?! I would DIE if she ended up being at better at LOLs than tennis - and that would be saying something.

    I would so stalk her global "JuJu Jokes Comedy Tour!" Count me in.

  3. Just seeing her crack a smile during a match would be enough to cause hysterics, I'd think!

  4. Just focus on the backhands and the volleys, it's enough. There are enough clowns in the WTA to entertain.

  5. Personally I don't think Justine will be no.1 again. The game has changed a lot and I don't think she's capable.


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