Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: R.I.P.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: R.I.P. is apparently no more.

The IMG-owned website is down today and word has it the company shut it down permanently though no official statement has been released.

Earlier this year the sports marketing giant closed the print version after 35 years and it seems the tough economic climate made the kill complete.

I have to say it's sad to see another staple in the tennis media go down, even though their material wasn't always original. But no hard feelings - you'll be missed. 



  1. The loss of TennisWeek is a tremendous loss for tennis fans. It had a great mix of news, analysis and entertainment. The editor, Richard Pagliaro, did an excellent job. I hope someone buys it and brings it back to life. The ESPN and CBS tennis sites don't compare to TennisWeek.

  2. your the best for Tennis info by far Rich. I just hope you make more money from it than Tennisweek!

  3. LOL Keith thanks! Oh, and I wish on the $$$ thang. Boo.

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