Google Down the Line!: Letter to DtL readers: I've been Tumblr'ed

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter to DtL readers: I've been Tumblr'ed

Hey peeps!

As you can see I haven't been posting on DtL lately. It's partly because it's the off-season but mostly because I've been spending my time elsewhere (and NO it's not with those sickly beautiful log carrying boys sillies, though that could be lots o' fun.)

I've started a Tumblr called "Richly Deserved" and although it includes some tennis it covers more of my other loves.

Click here to take a peek and/or follow @RichlyDeserved updates on Twitter.

And, don't worry. It doesn't bite. Much.


  1. I am really surprized to see that you didnt blog about serena's fine and it being the largest fine in the history of tennis????????? its pretty major.......

  2. I...erm...don't know what Tumblr is. I clicked on your link and I still don't get it. I think it's due to my age, combined with all that tiny print. ;)
    But good luck with it, Richie!
    I'm off to Argentina. One of my fav clients bet me I couldn't climb Mount Aconcagua without using oxygen. There's a large sum going to charity riding on it. Wish me luck - I've never climbed a mountain before!
    Well, except for this one guy...;)
    See you sometime in January or February!
    *blows kisses*
    *flashes* ;)

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what Tumblr is. I'm pretty slow when it comes to the Internet and I don't understand what this is about.
    Rich, I hope this isn't the end of this blog. I really like it.
    And natch, welcome to Argentina! This is a beautiful country, I hope you'll have fun here.

  4. I don't quite get Tumblr either.

    Does this mean the end of this blog?

  5. Rich.

    we all love this blog! please dont discontinue it.

    you havent blogged in almost 2 weeks!

    were waitinggg...

    Your aging 'demo' can't follow ye!!! :)

  7. What has happened to this Blog? it used to be the best!!

  8. I'm 19 and I have no idea how this Tumblr works. ;)

    I generally lurk, but I had to come out to clarify if this is more or less the end of this entertaining blog. I read a couple of tennis blogs but I especially love it here because it's not bogged down by extreme Federer and/or Nadal hate... it's completely carefree with amazing/funny/interesting photos and tidbits. :)

  9. please post soon - i miss the tennis gossip!! who hooked up on the season?? whose wearing what for the aussie open?? and predictions for the year!!

    come on rafa!!!

  10. richy!!!
    come back!!!
    the new year is upon us!! miss ur posts!! "Richly Deserved" has been keeping me occupied, but i need some "Down the Line" action!!

    -your faithful Toronto reader

    ps. Fed posted a new pic on his facebook!! :)

  11. are you coming back? no quality Australian summer coverage is sad!


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