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Thursday, December 3, 2009

FASHION FIX: Rafa reveals new DC kicks

Rafael Nadal was spotted with some new Nike Air Courtballistecs for this weekend's big Davis Cup final.

Do you LOVE?

[Photo(s): DavisCup]


  1. What is it with Rafa and these loud colours. Pink shirt, plaid shorts, and now these shoes. Is he trying to go to a next career, i.e. joining Ringling & Bros. Enough already. Plus the shoes are just plain ugly. A bit like those Oudin Believe.

  2. I'm all for Rafa in loud colours and checked shorts, he looks great in it! However, these shoes are ugly, mainly because the colours are dirty, me thinks.
    Shame the photo doesn't show a bit more leg... ;)

  3. I'm loving this new McDonalds
    special edition Courtballistecs!

  4. YES more leg is always required.

    LOL@McDonalds! So true.

  5. Love that bright yellow, but not on shoes.
    But you know what? I would have worn those when I was in my twenties. :D

  6. Just focus on the face, body and racquet. That's what I told the boys when I was in my twenties, natch. lol

  7. And here I thought you would have been all about your *racquet*, Richie. *coughs*
    Pretty advanced in your twenties, weren't you? ;)

  8. Yes, precocious comes to mind. And a few other things, but that works.

  9. Those are the colours of the Spanish flag. Obviously it's for the Davis Cup. So nothing to fret about. ;)

  10. Impressive how quickly Spain has become a perennial Davis Cup power. Through most of the competition's history, Spain was not a factor.



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