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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buh-bye Amelie: Former No.1 announces retirement from tennis

Amelie Mauresmo announced her retirement from professional tennis at a press conference in Issy-Les-Moulineaux today.

The Frenchie former No.1 admitted she had found it difficult to stay motivated as of late, particularly during preparation for this year's U.S. Open:
I don't want to train anymore. I had to make a decision, which became evident in the last few months and weeks. When you grow older, it's more difficult to stay at the top. It's a bit sad, but this is the right decision. I was lucky enough to have an exceptional career and to experience very strong feelings on the court.

It became very hard in build-up to the US Open. If I were able to enter the court, play and shine, of course I could continue, but to achieve this you need to put in such hard work. And I'm not capable of that. I dreamt of this career, I dreamt of winning a Grand Slam title. I lifted trophies in every city in the world and I lived 10 magical and unbelievable years.
In 2004 Amelie became the first Frenchie, man or woman, to grab the top spot in the rankings and held that spot for a total of 39 weeks. Her most successful year, though, came in 2006 when she defeated Justine Henin to win both the Oz Open + Wimbledon titles.

Buh-bye Amelie. Your game, personality and humor will be sorely missed on the WTA tour. If not for JuJu's returnament we'd be left with too many brainless bashers in the ranks. In other words, I wouldn't mind a returnament from you even though I know it's probably not going to happen. Boo.

And, on a side note, I know you didn't like discussing your sexuality publicly but I have to say I commend you for being an out lady baller on the tour. It wasn't the easiest coming out process during your infamous run to the Oz Open final in 1999, but you never let the controversy hold you back or allow others to define your career.

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    *bursts into tears*

  2. First Marat and now Amelie.
    This year sucks!*sobs inconsolably*
    À bientôt, Amelie, I wish you a great life after tennis!

  3. She was so great - frustrating at times watching her play - but a great personality mixed in with all the diva-esque drama.

    Au revoir Amelie!

  4. Great personality. Great player. Will miss her.

  5. Oh, Richie. I was lucky enough to get to speak to her at the USO. I told her everything I always wanted to. How I loved her humor, her soft voice, how she handled herself, her play, her she's the only woman who made me think maybe I wasn't straight after all. ;) She was so gracious to me.
    *bursts into more tears*
    I know. Sometimes I wanted to run onto the court, shake her, and tell her to BELIEVE in herself. But if she didn't have that flaw, she would have been perfect...and not lovable.
    I hope we still get to hear from her in the future. Maybe she'll hand out 2010's Wimby trophy or something?
    *rushes out for more kleenex*

  6. natch: how about perfectly lovable? okay "GROUP HUG!" lol

  7. *weeping and shaking*

    I love LOVE Momo. Her demeanor, grace and orgasmic one handed backhand were the stuff of my tennis dreams. I wish we at least got a farewell tour but oh well. I'm going to miss her badly but I wish her all the best.

  8. *breaks out the lithium*
    :( Oh, Amelie.
    God, woman. I could die without you.
    Well, it's safe to say that French women's tennis is officially DEAD, without Nathalie, Emilie and my Amelie.
    *sobs brokenly*
    WHYYYYYYYY, Momo, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I've started missing her already.
    *sniffs, sadface*

  9. "she's the only woman who made me think maybe I wasn't straight after all." - well, after Dinara...
    Both Amelie and Martina Hingis have this build, horse-like and wondrous that has the same effect on me ;)

    Going to miss her, but as I said with Henin that she'd be back in three years (and she's coming back early), I think Amelie is temporarily sick of tennis and will be back in three. She'll be old and we'll love her for it.


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