Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Rafa visits with CNN's Talk Asia

Thursday, November 5, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Rafa visits with CNN's Talk Asia

(videos via marmiaumiau)


  1. I want to marry this guy. This GORGEOUS in all aspects.

  2. There are no words. I friggin love this man. Vamos Rafa <333

  3. What a precious angel!

    Oh my GOSH my heart! <3

    The sweetness! TOO MUCH ADORABLE in one person!


  4. I know! He just more gorgeous and handsome and lovable by the day!

    I FLOVE him too! He's so thoughtful and introspective and shy and smiley in this interview!

    I swear, the emotions he provokes is just......*faints*

    I'm not a huge fan of the questions (I felt they were generic and repetitive), but Rafa did great in answering them and trying to give us a little something extra. LOVE him reminiscing about getting the car! WHAT A SWEETHEART! <3333

    Vamos Rafa! We love you! :D

  5. The bit where he gets really animated and starts gushing about Fed is, in my opinion, the cutest.

    Plus I want to breed that eyeball and start my own pet shop.



    Bad fingers.


  7. LOL! Anon, when I read "eyeball" I was like, WTF?

    I totally get what you mean, those eyebrows, particularly the left one, is a gem. In fact, it's a talent!

    LOVE HIM! He has such a sweet soul, love it when he fussed at the security guards because he thought they were overreacting. What a lovely, handsome man!

    Cannot WAIT to see him on the tennis court during the Paris Open!


  8. Heh, I clearly meant the Paris MASTERS!

    Clearly my brain went to mush.
    Hmm, I wonder why? :D

  9. what a truly beautiful person inside and out...we are so lucky to have him playing in our time. and those dimples are to die for! he's truly adorable

  10. Mmmm... It warms my heart on a cold morning to read about all the love people have for the "man from Mallorca". Not to mention how warm I get from watching chocolate-melt-in-the-mouth-dimpletastic Rafa in these clips... :)

  11. GREAT description CC!

    Mmmm, they should totally make a chocolate with that name! Yummy! I flove his dimples, his eyes, his smile, his sun-kissed wispy mane, his voice, his chivalry, his respectful manner, his honestly, his sense of humor, his shyness and modesty, his sense of justice and fairness, his character, his work ethic, his oh-so-thrilling and fantastic and beautiful tennis, his...The list could go on for an eternity!

    Rafa is indeed a sweetums. He's an utter sweetheart in every sense of the word! He's just too cute for words! I get overwhelmed trying to describe him and how he makes me feel. I just love this guy!

    *sigh* What a Champion. I cannot wait to see him take the court in the Paris Masters either.

  12. What Monica said! :)

    He is wholly adorable. <3

  13. what everyone said.
    but can't you all go away, cos I don't really want to share .


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