Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: NaturAna and the Adam Scott Support Tour take Melbourne

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SIGHTING: NaturAna and the Adam Scott Support Tour take Melbourne

"Where's the green? I can't see. Anything."

Ana Ivanovic and her WAG ways were spotted taking part in the Adam Scott Support Tour, this time in Melbourne.

The Aussie is competing at the 2009 Australian Masters being held at the Kingston Heath Golf Club. In October, they traveled to Singapore where Adam was playing in the Barclays Singapore Open.

Not much to say here, actually. I'm sure NaturAna is happy doing what she's doing at the moment - being a good girlfriend. I just hope to see some training shots soon.

(Photo: Getty)


  1. Ana has odd fashion taste at times, but I actually like this look. Not sure how walking around the golf course all off-season will help that awful serve though. But I have to admit, she makes a great WAG though, even though she looks confused out of her mind and bored to death most of the time. LOL

  2. I actually really like the hat (a lot), but not with a T-shirt, and NEVER with a "heather gray" one.

    That thing is so wrinkley too -- wonder what she was doing in it??? I'd guess not practicing tennis. ;)


  3. yeah...2010 isn't looking to bright is it?

  4. she needs to support her has been bf just like her....after all, its nice to be photographed still, right Ana?Just carry on,and soon you'll be fading from tennis fans memory.

  5. Isn't she still injured? She'll be back. Like A-Chak.

  6. Let her be, no?
    She must have read these comments :) So, to convince us wrong she's written on her website she's already practicing for the next season...
    So, worry not!


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