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Saturday, November 28, 2009


All my family, everybody who supports me, wait for this moment, when I can beat Federer. I was thinking it coming maybe 2010 or '11. But in 2009, end of the season, it's good feeling.

- Nikolay Davydenko on defeating Roger Federer 6-2, 4-6, 7-5 at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals

LOL - "2010 or '11?" Anyway, it took 13 tries but the underrated Kolya finally pulled it off. And after beating Rafa earlier in the week and making his second straight final here the Russian must be feeling pretty good.


(Photo(s): Reuters)


  1. I also like this part of his presser (somebody misses Marat)

    Q. At what time did you go to sleep yesterday?

    NIKOLAY Davydenko: At 3. Because I was coming at 1, do massage, one and a half hour. But if you see, I play three times the night session. That was always the same time I go to sleep. Today I sleep just seven hours, but feeling okay really. Seven hours was enough.

    Q. Sleeping alone?

    NIKOLAY Davydenko: Come on. I have wife. Come on, come on. What do you want, two girls, three girls, four girls?

    Q. You are a Russian.

    NIKOLAY Davydenko: I came Russian, but I'm not Safin (smiling

  2. Congrats. It'd be cool if he could take the title after being runner up last year. I don't feel bad for Roger he had a great year.

  3. He did it!
    Many ways to skin a cat, I guess. And more shopping in the family :) this Christmas.


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