Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Muzz to make leap from Fred Perry to adidas starting in 2010

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

(UPDATED) Muzz to make leap from Fred Perry to adidas starting in 2010

Those whispers I mentioned about Andy Murray leaving Fred Perry for adidas became a loud official statement today.

The Brit baller will be joining the German sports apparel giant beginning in January, according to adidas spokesperson Linda Murphy, and will be wearing the triple-striped Competition gear and Barricades in his own exclusive colorways when he represents his country at the Hopman Cup in January.

In a joint press release on their site Muzz said he was looking forward to working with the historic brand:

I’m really excited to be joining Adidas as they are a massive global sports brand with a credible heritage in tennis. Joining a list of stars who have worn the brand, including Muhammad Ali and David Beckham, is an honor. I’m in no doubt that this deal will help me both on and off the court.
VP of Global Sports Marketing, Jocelyn Robiot, said the World No.4 is the right fit for adidas:
We are delighted to welcome Andy Murray in to the adidas tennis family. Andy is a young, dynamic player that embodies adidas’ pure performer qualities. He is a very driven and dedicated athlete and we look forward to working with him on developing our Barricade products and helping him achieve his Impossible in 2010.
Okay so now we've confirmed this sponsorship news. Will Novak Djokovic star in his own "Sam Sequel" and leave adidas for K-Swiss?

UPDATE: The deal with adidas is reportedly worth 15 million pounds or $24.8 million over 5 years. Gah.

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  1. I really liked Fred Perry for Andy. It just seemed to really fit...

  2. Yeah it was also nice to have Fred Perry in the mix with the big guns like adidas and Nike, especially on one of the top boys.

    As a matter of fact, I can't think of anyone else who actually wears it on-court.

    I'm sure they just couldn't match the money adidas was willing to shell out.

  3. b2012, *waves*
    Yep. Something is wrong with Murray in anything but FP. At least in that, he stood out a bit from the crowd. In adidas, he'll be boring.

  4. Wow, money is more important than wearing his country's apparel.

  5. FP perfectly suited Murray... ah well, as the song goes,

    Money, money, money, money... money!

  6. I agree with "natch." Now Andy M. will be lost in the crowd. I like adidas, but it's nice to see someone wearing a different label.

    I never saw him as a style icon, but if it's about style, didn't he have enuf pull to make suggestions? I'd like to think he's got enuf money not to jump ship just for $$$. And, get a tan, even if it's a little bit!!

  7. I read it was 10 million pounds over 5 years.

  8. Barcelona2012, your avatar pic is just too damn CUTE!

    As for Murray's change, I wonder if this means that Adidas will dump Djokovic. I'm not sure they could afford BOTH of them. I guess Adidas is sick of being showed up by Nike. After all, Nike has Rafa, Roger, Serena, Venus among others. So Adidas wants a current player who is going to potentially win Majors and be in the top positions.


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