Google Down the Line!: Kolya downs Delpo for WTF title, becomes first Russian to win year-end trophy

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kolya downs Delpo for WTF title, becomes first Russian to win year-end trophy

Nikolay Davydenko earned the biggest title of his career defeating Juan Martin del Potro 6-3, 6-4 to win the year-end Barclays ATP World Tour Final trophy in London, the Russian EVAH to do so.

It was a career week for the 28-year old who was at his workmanlike best gutting out tough matches against this year's major title holders including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Delpo today. His only loss came in his opening round robin match at the hands of Novak Djokovic. He earned $1,510,000 for his efforts this week and will replace Andy Roddick at No.6 in the rankings.

"I was [looking at the trophy], until 2008, [there are] so many names there, like Djokovic, Federer, everyone, [Pete] Sampras,” said Davydenko, who was contesting his fifth straight year-end championship. “In 2009, [it says] Davydenko forever on this trophy. I think it's amazing. [In the] history of the [Finals], for my name to be there is something amazing for me."

Huge props to Kolya - what an incredibly impressive effort for the consistently underrated Russian. Could he - dare I say - pull an "Andre Agassi" and hit hyperdrive in the second half of his career (sans the meth + mullets of course)? Clearly he's a hard worker so if he stays healthy and keeps the motivation it's not completely out of the question.

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  1. Ohhh, I like him better now...And not because he won the WTF, but because he's modest and honest. And because I can rhyme :)

  2. Congrats to Kolya, that last photo is just precious !

  3. Congrats Davy!Better Bring forth that venom in the coming GS alright?Or ill say its all a fluke with all those top guns ragged and dog tired you know!

  4. Nice blog. I also have a tennis blog:

    Exchange links?

  5. I too like him for his modesty coupled with his tennis genius. I also wonder whether his modesty is a symptom of his strength? Please don't change Nikolay. x Catherine


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