Google Down the Line!: Jules shocks Fed, dissolves in tears at Paris Masters

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jules shocks Fed, dissolves in tears at Paris Masters

Julien Benneteau fell to his knees in tears after shocking Roger Federer 3-6, 7-6(4), 6-4 in the second round of the Paris Masters.

Afterwards, the Frenchie said this win will be one to remember:

It's magic. It's fabulous. Everything you can imagine. All those words. This memory will stay forever in me and in my career with all the emotions I felt. And hearing the crowd when they are all behind you, the noise is enormous. I didn't believe it was possible to experience something like that...

I don't remember any match in my career where I really used my mental resources and physical resources as much as in this match to stay focused, to stay in the present moment, to be aggressive. I needed to go and get that match. I shouldn't be happy with just waiting. I needed to be very precise and to be aggressive, and that is what made the difference.
As for Fed, this early loss has given Rafael Nadal an opportunity to close the gap on the World No.1 and claim the 2009 ATP World Tour Champion title. According to the Tour, the Spaniard trailed the top seed by 1,215 points after yesterday's results and could cut that margin to a 305 points should he go on this week to win the Paris Masters.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

*licks chops*

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  1. Today you loose against Monfills, so your joy has lasted one match long.... well how great for you.

  2. LAMO, Anon, did you expect a different result? I am surprised that it was not a bagel and a breadstick. This the reason why he has never amounted to much. Performances like this. I guess he did not have the mental or physical resources today. Whatever. Reason No. 1,000 why he has never won a tour title either. Phewt

  3. OMG a big Rafa Roger showdown would be SO what this season ending would need!

    *joins Rich in licking chops*

  4. I mean, just imagine the drama, sweat, and tears of a Rog-Rafa showdown for the YE No.1 ranking. And I'm just talking about me watching.

  5. A Roger Rafa showdown for the rear end nos 1?I dont imagine you could someone nos 1 after having won one GS and not being in the the last three GS.Oh wait, that's why those less important tournaments should matter right?So there goes your nos 1.NOT.CREDIBLE.AT.ALL.

  6. ^^"annoint" someone i mean

  7. Yes, Anon^, what the tennis world really needs is more people thinking the grand slams are the only tournaments worth anything - it's bad enough when the players hint at it!

    Consistency at a high level is rewarded with the number one spot.

    I would love to see a Fedal final battle at the YEC - followed by shirtless wrestling.

    ...imagine that manly rug up against that smooth bronzed...


  8. lolz@Rich

    WORD, last Anon!! They're great players and I think we're past the point of discussing whether they're worthy or not.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to daydreaming about RogRafaShirtlessWrestling...


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