Google Down the Line!: Italy wins second Fed Cup title, stomps all over U.S. 4-0

Monday, November 9, 2009

Italy wins second Fed Cup title, stomps all over U.S. 4-0

A big congrats to the Team Italy - Francesca Schiavone, Flavia Pennetta, Roberta Vinci, Sara Errani - on winning their second Fed Cup title and first since 2006.

They played an overmatched U.S. team in the final and dominated the series 4-0. On Day 1, Flavia beat Alexa Glatch, 6-3, 6-1, while Francesca defeated Melanie Oudin, 7-6(2), 6-2. Day 2 saw reverse singles with Pennetta clinching an insurmountable 3-0 lead by upending Mels 7-5, 6-2. The doubles rubber was still played with Sara + Roberta edging the Liezel Humger and partner Vania King, 4-6, 6-3, 11-9. The last singles rubber was canceled.

Mels made some interesting comments after the U.S. loss eluding to the absence of some lady baller on the team:

I wanted to come here. I wanted to play for my country. Other people choose different things. Some people I guess didn't want to play as badly as I did.

But I think that the team that we had here really wanted to be here. You don't want people here that don't want to be here. Even if you lose, if you give it everything you have, then that's the best you can do.
Hmmm - I wonder who she could possibly be speaking about here?

(Photo: Reuters)


  1. I think someone's a little jealous they can't play like a Williams even on clay (their worst surface).

    Don't worry Venus and Serena, Mel's what you call a "hater" :)

  2. i'm a serena fan through and through. i love her so, so much. but...serena did say she'd commit to playing fed cup (something along the lines of "even if i'm in a wheelchair" or "i won't unless i'm in a wheelchair"?...either way...serena definitely ditched out on the team).

  3. Serena (along with everyone else) in Doha was injured. She deal with the grueling heat and humidity and took out everyone she faced. She was expected to recuperate, heal, go to Italy and then get acclimated to clay to take out the Italian team by her lonesome? Right.

    Melanie is young, but she needs to learn to be quiet until she's actually achieved something.

  4. Congrats to Italy! I heart Flavia. And I like Schiavone very much.
    Better luck next time, Mary Jo.
    *waves American flag*

  5. Venus and Serena often play when it is convenient for them (majors, etc.) What's new? At least Melanie is dedicated to the team.

  6. When any of you play can play the game and endure the harsh brutalities that the williams' surmount...then you can speak..until then..judge not! lest we forget they have won olympic gold medals for...gasp...their country!!!

  7. So true Kevin, thank you for poinitng that out! I'm actually happy the Williams sisters chose not to play Fed Cup. If you had seen them at the YEC you would know that the girls are worn out and need a break! Melanie's comments are just pointless!


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