Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) FASHION FIX: NaturAna goes mellow yellow Down Under

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: NaturAna goes mellow yellow Down Under

Here's the new adidas dress Ana Ivanovic will be wearing to start off her 2010 campaign in Oz.

It's a continuation of the Adilibria line she wore this year and features a drop waist, deeper neckline, close body fit and side pleats. The core yellow dress is made from adidas' trademark ClimaCool moisture management technology which will help keep her body at optimum playing temperature.

Here's a closer look:

I'm loving the yellow color especially against NaturAna's darker skin tones and the blue backdrop of the courts in Oz. It does look like it fits better than anything she wore this year as well.

Her website will be releasing videos of the former No.1 in this dress along with her Roland Garros dress so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here's NaturAna unveiling both the Oz Open + Roland Garros dresses at a photoshoot in NYC. Thanks Curtis!



  1. Rich, this is the video that Ana's website is referring to. They're just slow putting stuff up.

    I agree that the yellow will look great with her tan and Australian sunlight. It's nice to see Adidas give her something nice to wear for exchange instead of the uniboob mess from earlier this season. I also love her orange dress she will be earing at Roland Garros. These two dresses are probably the best Ana's has worn since AO and RG 2008. Hopefully she will have as much success in her new dresses as she did in those.

  2. Based on Ana's hair in that video, Adam must have a huge smile on his face.

  3. Yeah NaturAna looks particularly hawt here. I'd kill for that skin tone...and height...and

  4. I'd kill for her boyfriend...and forehand(when it's working)...and French Open victory...

  5. I'd kill her boyfriend to have her.

  6. ^ Aah, that'd be the line not to cross. ^


  7. i love the yellow on her. this is probably one of my fave dresses (aside from her '08 aussie open cyan blue dress and the one that she wore this year for wimbly). a lovely dress for a lovely girl. nice job, adidas! will naturAna wear this exclusively? i'd hate to see this on any other player. btw, any idea what shrieka is wearing? (these two girls are the only ones that i care about when it comes to WTA fashion.)


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