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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FASHION FIX: Closing the Loup between simplicity + style in tennis

Danielle Ribner is the founder and designer behind Loup, a new tennis apparel collection that "gives a woman the confidence to play hard, while ensuring that she looks and feels feminine."

The line, whose name was inspired by her family nickname "Lou," is smartly focused (11 pieces in various colors make up the first collection) and aims to bring a modern silhouette to performance pieces. In other words, you CAN look good while getting your game on.

I offered a Q & A to Danielle and she obliged! You guys know I'm a fiend for fashion.

Anyway, check it out...

DtL: What is your design background and which designers have influenced you the most?

DR: I graduated from the Parsons School of Design and participated in many internships is all types of fashion. I then worked for Jones Apparel designing for lines like Nine West, Jones NY and Anne Klein learning all about designing collections and mass production. I started Loup in 2008 using the skills I learned in a big company to develop my smaller brand.

There are so many designers that have influenced me, but for Loup in particular I was very inspired by Claire McCardel and her passion for making clothing functional and extremely modern. As for contemporary designers, I love Stella McCartney’s playfulness, Marc Jacobs forward thinking and Alber Elbaz’s love for a woman’s figure at Lanvin.

DtL: What was the motivation behind creating Loup?

DR: I’ve always loved tennis and its culture, and would constantly think about what I would design for the top players. To me it always seemed as though there was more to be done for tennis clothing, but no one really wanted to bother making the clothing really fashionable. What inspired me the most was that tennis is one of the only places where you don’t have to dress like a man to seem powerful – the best and strongest women players wear skirts and dresses, and the shorter the better! Plus I love the challenge of designing feminine and flattering clothing that can help you perform better but also be worn off the court.

DtL: Where is the company based and how many people work there?

DR: Loup is based out of New York City, and we do all the production domestically in New York, Florida and Los Angeles. The company is basically just me, with the help of the extremely talented pattern makers, samples makers, and the factories I work with. I look forward to keeping the brand small and getting to work with great feedback.

DtL: In five words or less how would you describe Loup to DtL readers?

DR: Inspiring strength through femininity.

DtL: Are there specific design elements that were inspired by the game of tennis?

DR: There are a lot of images from the game that constantly inspire me like the airy flow of tennis skirts, the full extension of the arms, the classic crisp whites, the traditional colors of the court like the blues and greens, and of course the challenge of where to store the ball!

DtL: So, the Oz Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, or the U.S. Open?

DR: So difficult! I’ve always had a big soft spot for Wimbledon – seeing all those tennis whites is pretty rare! And although I’d love to see some Loup with clay streaked across it, I’d have to say the U.S. Open. It’s what I grew up with and I have attended for the last 5 years! Definitely very inspiring.

DtL: If you could pick one word to describe the state of women’s fashion in tennis, what would it be?

DR: Routine

DtL: You’ve just secured a lucrative apparel sponsorship deal with a top lady baller. Who would it be and what would she be wearing from Loup?

DR: Elena Dementieva – 2 Layer Dress, Ana Ivanovic – Gathered Dress, Melanie Oudin – Pleat top and 2 Tier Skirt

DtL: Rog or Rafa (or someone else?)

DR: Rog! – He’s so strong and aggressive, but it comes off quiet, easy and elegant and without a hair out of place. His game parallels a lot of elements we like to bring into Loup.

DtL: Who is your fave tennis baller of all time? What drew you to him/her?

DR: This changes constantly. Growing up I loved watching Lindsey Davenport, she is so strong and I could never quit tell what she was thinking. Looking at photos of Suzanne Lenglen really inspired me in my first season. I’ve also always loved the style [of] Aurthur (sic) Ashe – he also has that quiet confidence in his game.

DtL: Do you play tennis? If so, how would you best describe your game?

DR: I play whenever I can, which can be hard since I live in New York City. I tend to focus on developing my short game because it seems to intimidate people. Because I’m not the strongest or fastest, I need something to gain an edge!

First outfit: 2 Layer Skirt - $85
Second outfit: 2 Layer Dress - $99.
See the full collection at or by clicking here.

(Photo: Christopher Starbody, Model: Kris Benton)

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