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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DtL POLL: And the most stylish on-court lady baller outfit of 2009 is...

It's been a long season of styles - both good and (very) bad. But let's focus on the positives today, k? So here's the question:

Which one of these lady ballers worked the most stylish on-court outfit this season - Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Sorana Cirstea, Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic or Caroline Wozniacki?

The poll is living on the right side of the DtL home page, starts today and ends on Monday, November 9 at 12:00 am.


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  1. I loved Flavia Pennetta's dress at the usopen...

  2. I vote for Ana's Wimbledon outfit. She look gorgeous in it. Of course, she looks beautiful in just about everything.

  3. Wozniacki without a doubt.

  4. Love the coral and charcoal. Serena with Shrieka in second...

  5. IDG the Woz votes. Maria wore those outfits better. Stella's stuff just doesn't look right on Woz. She has the wrong body type for all that hanging drab colored cloth.

  6. I agree about Wozzi and the Stella McCartney dress. Not a great look on Wozzi's body type and the color translated to tan (almost skin color) on television. Wozzi is a pretty girl and can do much better!

  7. I vote for Serena's blue AO outfit (just awesome!).

    Serena's USO NIGHT outfit (color was great, tailored to perfection).

    Venus's Wimbledon outfit (classy and elegant like the woman herself).

    Venus's YEC outfit (pink, youthful and fun!)

    Vera's USO&YEC outfit (the preppy looking one. Loved the colors and skirt.)

  8. The choices suck Rich! D:

    Out of all the outfits Serena wore this year, why go for the French Open outfit? And what about Venus? *pouts*

    I actually agree with all of the choices made by Mim. Although, I'd include Jankovic's outfit as well.

  9. The choices suck Rich! D:

    ROFL you guys know how to flatter a girl, eh, boy.

    Venus?! Pick one outfit this year that wasn't repeated 80x or that didn't look like it was held together by scotch tape. Poor design, poor construction, and completely uninspired.

    I'm sorry V but YOU'RE OUT.

  10. I know it's simple, but I love Sorana's top, so I voted for her. And I hate Woz's outfit. Those kind of outfits even made Kirilenko look bad. It looks like a sack of potatoes and it also looks heavy. And the color is blah.
    And I totally agree with you on Venus' outfits, Rich. The only one that I kind of liked was the Wimbly one, but it was just like the one she wore in '05 with a different back.

  11. Definitely Ivanovic's Wimbeldon dress! That is a classic, elegant dress. The construction, detail and movement of the dress is genuis, and as elegent as it is, it stills looks like a sports dress! Very fitting for Wimbledon. JJ's dress at the YEC was the only one I liked of all the dresses she wore all year!Her dresses are usually WAY too busy. There's feminine, then there's ridiculous!(read Petrova's Wimby 09 outfit!) Lol! As for Venus, I kinda liked that tie-dye dress she wore in Miami. That was a great design. Serena? None of the dresses she wore this year did it for me. I think she fared better in 2008, especially the dress she wore at Wimbledon. I think she wore that same dress in the photoshoot she had for her cover story for Hamptons Mag. Fab! For me her worst was that dress/two-piece she wore for the YEC. I am not so sure of that colour combination, red & burgundy? Wtf? Lol!

  12. The choices suck Rich! D:

    True. Sorry Rich. The choices are pretty random. Maria's US Open night dress was black not navy and it wasn't even the best thing she wore this year.

  13. Maria's US Open night dress was black not navy and it wasn't even the best thing she wore this year.

    Hmmm - when I saw it up close and personal at the Nike pre-US Open event on Broadway + 23rd St (which I blogged about) it looked pretty navy to me.

  14. Yes I know you saw it in the case, I remember. I'm saying I don't think that the color stayed the same because it didn't look navy anywhere else. I think they changed it to black.

  15. I'm pretty sure Shrieka's dress was navy. I liked that dress, but all that silver on the dress, the busy back and that horrible headband ruined it for me.

  16. Jelena's body is sick! She looks good in whatever she wears..I prefer when she wore Reebox XD
    But yea, JJ FTW!!

  17. Out of all Serena's outfits this year (see AO, blue dress), you pick the FRENCH OPEN disaster?

    C'mon Rich, that outfit looked so cheap. The fabric was awful! The cut was terrible too!

    And the other dress choices are terrible aswell! I mean, do you hate women?!

    If I didn't know any better, I'd say you have terrible taste in fashion, particularly when it comes to this poll.

    When I saw the choices I thought it was a joke. Then I realized, by your comments, that it's not.

    In the words of John Mcnroe:


  18. According to Nike, Maria's US Open night dress WAS navy (they continue to refer to it as "Midnight Blue" to be exact.) I didn't think it was black either.

  19. None of those dresses/outfits are flattering! They are just awful! Why are they trying to make all those fancy additions to something which suppose to be athletic wear in the first place! Elegant yes, comfortable yes, fancy, evening like - hell no! It is not a fashion runway! Looking good on the court doesn't mean they have to look like Barbie doll!


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