Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Marat may not marry you but he'll surely knock you up

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Marat may not marry you but he'll surely knock you up

Apparently Marat Safin likes, and wants, kids. And here's proof they like him back. Check.

Now, he may not want to get hitched but what more do you people need? Hop on the SexGawd stat.

PS - Ladies only according to this vid. Whatevs.

(via ATP)


  1. i am just going to ignore that he said he needed the right "woman." he is hotter than ever and needs to retire in san diego.

  2. What kind of surgeon repairs ovaries? Because mine just exploded.

  3. *DIES*

    I would SO practice making babies with that man.

  4. Something explodes in me every time I watch this vid. Is it normal for me to have multiple explosions?

  5. I'll make babies with you, Marat. I'll make and do whatever you want with you.
    One more thing: Don't leave us!!!

  6. One of the conversation there (translated by menstennisforum)

    Boy coughing, Marat: "You smoke a lot?",
    Boy: Noooo! Do you smoke?
    Marat: I don't, but I also don't cough.
    Boy: I have been sick.
    Girl: "Smoking is bad for one's health"
    Marat: Exactly. Tell him!
    Boy: But I don't smoke!

  7. The boy pouting his mouth behind marat was soo cute!

  8. Let me tell you a very funny story about Marat and his baby-makin' practices. Almost every time I saw him this summer, he was bangin' a new girl. Coming out of a dark hallway, in a closet, in the name it. Sometimes there would be two, three, four young ladies (at different times) leaving his hotel room.
    Erm, Richie and Matt, how about if when I use the word "girl" or "young ladies", you insert yourself (pun intended.) That should make you both feel better. ;)
    Anyway, the last time I saw Marat, I asked him if there was a girl left on the planet he hadn't...(fill-in-the-blank)ed. Just as I recognized my error, and was adding "under thirty" to my question, he got that sh*t-eating grin on his face and said to me, "You want turn?" He was kidding, of course! But I think I laughed for three days straight.

  9. Heh heh, I recon Marat could give a spactacular quickie.

    Natch, more stories, please! Anything funny or Spaniard related especially.


  10. OMG. Imma jump him, like, right now. Damn. Just the cheeky look on his face when he says "find the right woman and make babies"... I pretty much drooled on my keyboard.

    Rich: Marat does that to everyone :)

  11. natch - how do you see him so often? and if you dont want a turn, i'll volunteer.

  12. t,
    I would, but I'd have to kill you. ;)
    Srsly, most of the stuff is in the back of my brain. It doesn't get jogged up front until I see a post from Richie.

    I don't see him often. I saw him a lot over the summer.
    You go ahead and take my turn. Sara, Jo...anyone else?, too. I'm too old for him, and I'm pretty sure I would need several layers of full body condoms to protect myself properly. (Followed by a Silkwood shower.) ;)

  13. Even though I can't have kids no more I'll pretend I'm fertile. That way you & I can have lots of fun Marat. I can say something of mine will be exploding & I don't mean ovaries. LOL

  14. "Boy: coughing
    Marat: You smoke a lot?
    Boy: Noooo! Do you smoke?
    Marat: I don't, but I also don't cough."

    HAHAHAHA glorious!!!

    As for a baby-makin' partner, I'll pass. I know it is not rational at all apparently, but Marat as a man doesn't do anything for me.

    He does do lots of stuff for many other chicks though, according to natch... *lol*

  15. More natch, MORE.

    sonja: don't forget the boys. he does LOTS for us, too. like, tons.


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