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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TENNIS COURT: Wozzi v. WTA/Beijing

Speaking of choice words, Caroline Wozniacki had some of her own for the WTA and tourney director of Beijing.

The US Open finalist caught a virus while in Tokyo and had to retire from her opening round match against Aleksandra Wozniak on Tuesday, September 29th. However, she was scheduled to play her first round match in Beijing on the following Sunday, October 4th, but requested a Monday start with hopes getting more rest.

Wozzi discussed what happened in her latest blog:

In Beijing, I still was not feeling close to 100%, so I asked the tournament director and WTA for a Monday start (instead of playing my first round on Sunday), but it was very frustrating to learn on Saturday that I was scheduled to play my first match on Sunday. I really needed every hour of rest to get over this virus and ready for my first match, but the WTA or tournament director did not seem to care at all and take this into consideration. The WTA Tour is supposed to be a players union, but I certainly don’t think they represented my best interest this week in Beijing and it was very disappointing. In my first round, I ended up playing Maria Jose Martinez-Sanchez, and I played a good first set which I won close 7-5. In the second set, it was really close again but I lost it in a tiebreaker and then in the third set I just completely ran out of energy and ended up losing the match.

Losing my first round in is Beijing was exactly what I was worried about since I have not practiced for more than one hour in the past week. I was hopeful that if th WTA were to give me a first round start on Monday that I could’ve had a much better chance of winning and feeling better as I were to advance through the tournament. I am never one to make excuses because Martinez-Sanchez did play a good match, but I really feel the WTA and tournament director could’ve helped me and they chose not to.
I'm actually very surprised the WTA and the tourney directors didn't give her an extra day considering she's a Top Tenner and just reached the US Open final. Plus, Wozzi doesn't consistently abuse rules (like some lady ballers we know.)

I understand there are matches to be played and scheduling to be completed but it seems they were being too rigid in this situation.

VERDICT: I find the WTA/Beijing "guilty" of being lame. I mean, HELLO, Wozzi rocks.

(Photo: AP)


  1. What I find most striking is her statement "The WTA Tour is supposed to be a players union, but I certainly don’t think they represented my best interest." I think that statement just applies so perfectly to the situation on the WTA throughout the entire year. I love tennis and I got into the sport thanks to the women but I think the WTA is such a disgrace. It really is a union but it puts money before everything including the players that make this sport possible.

  2. Good point all around Sara - I also got into tennis via the ladies' game but find they also side with the tourney directors and sponsors before the ballers.

    The last glaring example before this one was when they moved the top seed and World No. 1 Dinara to Armstrong to play Blake on Ashe at the Open this year. Talk about a disgrace.

  3. I love Caroline so I was thrilled to see she spoke her mind. Hope she's back to 100% soon! :)

  4. Caroline should change her name to Williams or Sharapova. They would probably have listened to her then and granted her request.


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