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Friday, October 2, 2009

SIGHTING: Rafa arrives, smile in tow

After finally being cleared to compete, Rafael Nadal began his season-ending effort arriving in Beijing today for the China Open.

Boy, it's like deja vu: Rafa, Beijing, striped polo. But at least this time he's smiling. Last year, not so much.

More images of his arrival along with Tommy Robredo + Ivo Karlovic here.



  1. what a always. not sure that top suits him...a bit too brown and boring

  2. And when his home country lost their Olympic bid, too. But he's already encouraging them to try again for 2020!

  3. I know - Hugo Boss? Really? The Nike one actually looked and fit better on him.

  4. He's sooo sweet! Can I take you home, Rafito? Good luck to Beijing, win the tournie!

  5. He looks emaciated.And the shirt.Big YAWN!

  6. I actually quite like the top, especially because it is a bit big at the bottom so that I could easily sneak my hands underneath and...mmm. ;)

  7. Love Rafa forever. Please don't go proposin' to Xisca...

  8. Rafa looks absolutely adorable in those pics! I swear, you would've never guessed he just had a 13-21 hour flight! Drop.Dead.Gorgeous!

    I flove the shirt on him and I flove the hair. He is such a natural. You'd think that was a photo shoot and he was modeling!

    I also love his luggage. The camoflouge print..he's such a BOY! No LV for him unlike Hairdasco.

    Vamos Rafa! Gulluck in Beijing! You can do it! <3

    Freaking adorable.

  9. "Hairdasco", LMAO Mim! :D
    I doubt we'll ever see Rafa with LV bags. Thank God.

  10. He does look cute but I hate his hair!

  11. "He does look cute but I hate his hair!"

    *gasp!* HOW can you *gulps* HATE....his hair? Surely your not talking about Rafa and your referring to Hairdasco's hair?

    HOW, I repeat, HOW can you hate this?! O_O;jsessionid=187A87B89B22F8012FDF7515D2BC025C?photoId=2951496&bagId=358164

    And this:;jsessionid=187A87B89B22F8012FDF7515D2BC025C?photoId=2951485&bagId=358164

    And this:;jsessionid=187A87B89B22F8012FDF7515D2BC025C?photoId=2951475&bagId=358164

    And this:;jsessionid=187A87B89B22F8012FDF7515D2BC025C?photoId=2951459&bagId=358164

    And this *bonus Rafadorable expression included*:;jsessionid=187A87B89B22F8012FDF7515D2BC025C?photoId=2951479&bagId=358164

    THIS is the expression I am giving you right now:

    The list could go on really...

    Anonymous, you are one tough cookie...just...HOW? I forgive you...HOW?


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