Google Down the Line!: Rafa receives giant honor but t-shirt remains questionable

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rafa receives giant honor but t-shirt remains questionable

The Barcelona Royal Tennis Club organizers honored Rafael Nadal today with a life size replica of the "Condo de Godo" trophy for being the only baller to win their tourney five times.

Before receiving the honor, the 6-time Grand Slammer hit some balls with a few of the kids attending the presentation.

He was also joined on stage by Spain's Davis Cup captain and former Roland Garros champ Albert Costa.

Uh, love the trophy but making Rafa wear that t-shirt of himself is a bit much, no?

(Photos: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Rich that wasn't a very subtle way to say that Rafa should just go topless.

  2. LOL @ Sara.

    And Rafa looks utterly adorable and oh-so-happy in these pics!

    So SWEET!

  3. Congrats Rafa, you completely deserve this honor!

    What a trophy, how on earth is he going to fit that in his bedroom?! :D

    As for the shirt, if it were Roger he'd come off as a total douche, but on Rafa, it is utterly adorable and oh-so-sweet. You know what they say, it isn't the clothes, it's about the man in the clothes and how the man wears them.

    Hehhe, also, I there are more pics of him with the kids and THEY were also sporting the t-shirts. It's like how the birthday boy wear a special hat at his party. CUTE! :3

  4. Rich that wasn't a very subtle way to say that Rafa should just go topless.

    *seals lips*

  5. Oh, the short locks and the smile... It's so cute I almost want to cry.
    And the cuter Rafa is, the hotter he gets, no?

  6. Sara,
    This is where you need your older, more experienced mother-you-didn't-know-you-had to help you. ;)
    Forget topless. How about pantsless? ;)

  7. I'm guessing that shirt was given to him at the ceremony and he slipped it on over the black tee shirt he has on in the pictures.

  8. Anon, of course it was!

    They made it for him and even all the children had them on.

    Carlos Costa should have worn one. Spoiled sport :D

    Congrats Rafa on this honor! You absolutely deserve everything positive you get! VAMOS!

    P.S. I never thought someone could look so sexy in sweats...Oooh Rafa...You are one special man! <3

    *melts into a puddle*

  9. You mentioned the horrible awful bad t-shirt... but the pants. COME ON how could you miss those pants? They are god awful, grand dad styles. Seriously...

  10. HA! And yet SOMEhow Rafa STILL manages to make them look good! I never thought grey sweats could looks so...HOTT on a person. :D

    How does he do that?! And how does he manage to look sexy while looking completely sweet and innocent AT THE SAME TIME?

    Flove that he dressed down and is wearing a practical outfit. Shows that being able to comfortably play with the children was more of a priority for him than looking all spiffy for the trophy presentation.

    Just when I thought I couldn't love this man anymore...

    What a special individual! <3
    Just LOVE this guy! *melts into a puddle alongside Monica*

  11. Amen Jean!! He's just not a preppy "How do I look on those photos?" kinda guy. He's out there having fun with the kids. Awwww.

    And MAN does he look hot, err, sweet, err, innocent, err, sexy, .... I'm confused. o_O


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