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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I could possibly have finished the match, but felt there was no way I could get ready for the second round on Thursday, so I chose the sporting way and let her go through. She's also [playing] at home.

- Caroline Wozniacki's explanation to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet on her mid-match injury retirement against Anne Kremer in the first round of Luxembourg after leading 7-5, 5-0.

Papa Piotr also discussed the incident with the paper, which occurred during a live mic on-court coaching session, and told them "I said to her,'Caroline, whether it is 5-0, 4-1 or 3-2 at the next change of ends, you have to decide if you will be able to play the next match. Then make the right decision." The move has prompted the WTA to review a tape of the match after reports surfaced the conversation was posted online leading some bets to possibly be put on the homegirl.

I do think Wozzi was being a good sport knowing she would most likely not be able to play her next match due to the leg injury. But this incident does highlight the fact that the on-court coaching discussions can be easily heard by anyone and used for any purpose, including betting.

(Photo: Reuters)


  1. Reason #8,987 why on-court coaching should be abolished.

  2. If this would have been Davydenko, there would be a full-blown investigation going on right now! Just sayin...

  3. Funny thing, but I was kind of in a similar situation recently: I played a USTA tournament a couple of months ago in which the start of the tournament was switched to the following weekend, when I was scheduled to go on vacation. So I had to decide if I was going to play my match Friday night even though there was no way I could play the next day if I won.

    I played and won Friday, then had to default the next day. Did I deprive someone of moving on or did I do the right thing by playing on? I like to think I made the right call.

    But wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Wozzi: She should've quit earlier in the match or gone ahead and won. I don't think anyone wants a pity win.

  4. I think you did the right thing, van:)
    Your opponent didn't win, so why should he be in the next round? The guy who got the walkover at least won a match to advance a round...

    And I agree with you, that Wozniacki should have retired earlier, even though Kremer now praises Woz for defaulting the match. I mean, who wouldn't in her situation...

  5. I think Caroline did the right thing. It was a sporting gesture to let her opponent go through knowing she would not be able to compete in the next round.

    If people want to bet on matches it is up to them. Player's have no responsibility towards them.


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