Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Team Williams hit by ADD bug

Monday, October 5, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Team Williams hit by ADD bug

Team Williams found all kinds of ways of distracting themselves during Venus' 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 loss to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the second round of Beijing. It was her second consecutive loss to the Russian teen after falling to Pavlov in Tokyo last week.

Let's see if you can match the following reactions to the correct member of Team Williams:

1) These shoes are just WRONG. Never get dressed in the dark.

2) 'dw' will look awesome on t-shirts, jeans, even pillows. RF has nothing on me. LMAO"

3) ...zzzzzz.....*snore*.....zzzzzzz......

4) Im bored. Wat r u all doing?????????

On a side note: I didn't think it was possible but Dinara Safina lost to someone ranked LOWER than the 132nd ranked Chang Kai-Chen who defeated her in Tokyo last week. The honors this time go to 226th-ranked Chinese wild card Zhang Shuai who grabbed a 7-5, 7-6(5) upset, and could cause Dinara to lose the WTA Penthouse keys if ReRe defeats Ekaterina Makarova in her next match. For some reason I'm thinking Dinara would like nothing better than to have that ranking taken away - along with her coach too.

UPDATE: WTA just confirmed the Russian's loss to Zhang as the worst lost EVAH by a reigning WTA Penthouse resident in terms of ranking. She bested Ana Ivanovic's shock exit at the hands of Julie Coin, who was then ranked 188th, at last year's US Open. Uh, me thinks it's probably not the kind of history Dinara was hoping to make.

UPDATE #2: You can peep a preview of ReRe's almost-nude-but-not-quite ESPN The Magazine cover for "The Body Issue" here which hits stands October 19.

(Photo: Reuters)


  1. Hysterical post! Even though I love Venus to death.

  2. On surface it may look strange, but just like you I think Dinara would be relieved to lose the top ranking.

  3. marija: I'm sure she'd love all the talk about her and the Penthouse to just stop for a while. She's clearly been bothered by it and it'll probably feel good to have the pressure off her back so she can focus on her game again. And at some deep level I think she believed she didn't deserve it, though she'd never admit as much.

    I do think D needs to rethink (and remove) the coaching situation. Z is playing D the wrong way and it's not helping her at all.

  4. Only James Blake and Serena are going nude for this year's ESPN Body Issue, unfortunately.

    Agnieszka must be crying now -- she said she wanted to do a naked session.

  5. "I do think D needs to rethink (and remove) the coaching situation. Z is playing D the wrong way and it's not helping her at all."
    *nods in agreement*
    He's become her Svengali. She can't even think on her own anymore. The sooner she rids herself of him, the better off she'll be.

  6. I totes agree re: Z being Dinara's coach. I would get so furious when they would show shots of him looking extremely negative, unsupportive, even disinterested during her matches. Unfuckingbelievable. I'm not one to shy away from tough love, but this was going way beyond, IMO. She needs to dump his ass STAT.

  7. natch's "Svengali" comment seems to have some truth in it. The way D looks at him as if always needing his approval or as if she's afraid to make any mistakes is a little strange. His reactions just suck, frankly. Yeah, it's not tough love like Johanne but some weird co-dependent type relationship between these two. Creepy.

  8. Yeah Zelko Krajan is a meanie!! She should get someone like Azarenka's coach, Antonio van Grichen. Super nice and also super hottt!!!!!


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