Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Pim Pim outs Curlbis as "john" in Stockholm

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Pim Pim outs Curlbis as "john" in Stockholm

Is Ernests Gulbis one of the two ballers who was detained over the weekend for soliciting sex from prostitutes in Stockholm, Sweden?

According to HCFoo, Joachim "Pim Pim" Johansson revealed in his blog that the Latvian lad had "already acknowledged" his involvement:

Monaco found out last night that he was accused in the Argentine press of being the player who bought sex during the weekend while Gulbis already acknowledged. He will probably have a difficult time before the match on Wednesday. I'll try to take advantage of it early in the match ...
No word yet on whether Pico has been confirmed as the other baller.

I guess boys will be boys. But why pay for it? I could point out a number of DtL readers (and one blogger) who'd probably give it up to them for free. They'd just have to pay for travel, hotel and expenses. Wait - is that still considered "whorish?"

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  1. OMG how disgusting... They are handsome guys, why do they need hookers?! EEEWWWW.

    *loses all respect for Erns* (in case it's true, that is :P)

  2. He's a twit and even more of a twit for getting caught. Surely there are people you can call if you want that kind of thing? Cheap twit.

    And aren't there always tennis groupies stalking players? Who's life's ambition is to fill their bingo card with players?

    Why pay for it when you can get it for free, very very easily?

  3. A blogger?! *Gasp* I can't, in my wildest dreams, imagine who you're talking about...

  4. Ernie FTW! Props to him for being the Chuck Bass of tennis!

    As opposed to other ppl, I think this is hilarious win. Jeez, why so serious?

    As someone on twitter said, "Ernests Gulbis. A hero for us all."

    And it was messed up of Pim Pim to announce that he's going to take advantage of Pico's emotional state. I hope Pico kicks Pim Pim Whatever's ass tomorrow :)

  5. ROFL @ Chuck Bass - he's a boy kisser now too. Do we know they were def female hoes?

    I'd just wanna watch it all go down - pun completely intended.

  6. LOL at the Chuck Bass comment. And you're right Jills, why so serious?
    I think it was also messed up of Pim Pim to say that it was Gulbis when it hasn't been made official yet. That's not very nice.

  7. Athletes are willing to pay for it because they get something that sleeping with a superfan or some random hook-up doesn't tend to get them - discretion. Discretion, of course, only applies if you don't get caught.

  8. Discretion depends on the hooker. A high class one is more likely to be discrete than someone you pick up off the street. High Class girls/boys have much more to loose than someone trawling the streets looking for punters. In which case it's the same as sleeping with the super fan or a random hook up, you'll have to watch the papers very carefully from that moment on.

    Anyhow, pim pim has changed his blog page and has a screendump of the original entry.

  9. I can think of groupies who would pay for travel to go meet Ernie in person -- oh well and life afterwards.

    It ain't hurt dreamin' right?

  10. Ernie is so adorable to me in a boyish way and he.... oh well. Is this why he career has floundered somewhat? His priorities need to be in the right place- he has too much talent.

  11. I don't think it will have much impact on his career. Just some bad joke people will not forget easily. Although he lost to Felo already (not sure bcoz Felo is v v good or Ernie can't wait leaving Stockholm) XOXO

  12. @Rich:

    "Do we know they were def female hoes?"

    OMG, fingers (and everything else) crossed that they weren't.

    We can't be *that* lucky, can we?

  13. Nice reading everyone's comments. Yes Gulbis is fine and he has great talent at something and all, I say let him be. If he wants to try stuff out...his life.

  14. I find him still adorable and hope he gets his head together soon.


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