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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Letter to DtL readers: California, Jan-Michael and the flu

Hey y'all!

Phew - I'm back. It was a much needed vacation as I mentioned and the time away from LIFE was great. Well, up until I got sick.

If you were following my updates on Twitter you would've seen that Kalil + I were innocently enjoying our trip out west with my fam to visit my dad's fam when a nasty virus arrived on the scene (I won't mention the names of those who brought it because we're related - for now.) Despite all the Airbourne, hand scrubbing and other preventative measures we took, it was all in vain: we both caught the flu. And NO, we didn't get our shots and YES we should've just done it. Lazy asses.

Anyway, before being struck down by illness we happened to be scouting out some good Columbus Day deals at the Banana Republic outlet in Vacaville, CA when I eye-spied a noticeably tall, blond and broad boy (I'm partnered, not dead people.) And what to my wondering eyes should appear but the used-to-be-retired-now-making-a-returnament JAN-MICHAEL GAMBILL!

After some discussion with Kalil and my brother, I shamelessly ambushed the baller. I walked up to JMG, introduced myself and told him I had read about his "comeback" to tennis which he said was true. In fact, he was on his way up to a Challenger-level event but decided to stop for some shopping. I asked if I could take a picture with him (above) and wished him luck. Afterwards, we both returned to our shopping ways.

He's quite tall, toned and broader than he appears on TV. Plus, his tan was beyond and his personality sweet. Total randomness.

The rest of the trip was spent coming down with the flu as we made our way to LA, lying in bed while in LA and then flying out of LA somewhat recovered. Although I love vacays, I hate getting sick while traveling and wanted nothing more to be in my own bed. And now I am.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes both here and on Twitter. It feels good to be back!


(Photo: DtL)


  1. How totally RANDOM but SWEET! I'm so jealous! JMG is a total babe! I'll even forgive him for being on that horribly awesome Vh1 dating show Tough Love...

  2. Awwww Richie.

    1. great to have you back!
    2. too bad you two got sick :(
    3. kewl you got to meet that hottie!

    That's okay because I have a cold, too. We can be germ-buddies! *lol*

  3. *smooches sonja*

    now we are! LOL

  4. Too lazy to sign in, however, I *still* say that the cutie (in the pic) is definitely the blogger. The tennis player? He ok.

  5. RICHIE!!!!!
    *puts on bio-hazard suit, gloves, and mask*
    Sorry, but I'm working with athletes this week. Can't risk it.
    I missed you so much!
    *kisses through bio-hazard mask*
    I'm happy for you that Kalil gave you the okay to feel up JMG. But I agree with Anon. You are way cuter than JMG. Better personality, too.
    *spanks Richie for good measure*

  6. anon: Is that you warhol? Just checking. Me thinks so. Thanks, in any case! *blushes*

    natch: Heh!!! No worries - I've worn masks and done much more. Grab an athletic feel tell us about it later. Not that you wouldn't of course.


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