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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FASHION FIX: Rafa returns and wins, goes green spark + navy for Nike

Rafael Nadal played his first match since his semifinal defeat to Juan Martin del Potro at the US Open and his recovery from an abdominal injury.

The 6-time Grand Slammer was pushed by Marcos Baghdatis in Beijing but eventually prevailed taking out the Cypriot 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 in the first round. He'll face James Blake next and will try to close the gap in the H2H which currently sits at 2-3 in favor of the American baller.

Rafa also debuted some new colorways of the Nike duds he's been wearing recently but they've also been renamed for the season. He's working the Nike Winter Bold Master Polo ($60) in green spark with black + white paired with Nike Woven Winter Woven Long Short ($55) in dark obsidian navy with white + green spark.

I'm liking the bright green spark choice but it's certainly not a color everyone could get away with wearing (unless your a bronzed, primal tennis gawd.) Those of you with yellow undertones in your skin should run far, FAR away unless you'd like to look like, uh, death.

The shorts aren't really doing anything for me, though the boldness of the style is fitting for Rafa. The design doesn't really match up - it looks messy and patched together. I much prefer the older style especially from his championship run in Oz which featured a subtle, clean window pane effect.

So much bettah.

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  1. Love the pants seriously.

  2. The pants and the shirt are great. Just not together.

  3. I agree with the poster Ryan. While the top and shorts should be worn separately, Rafa is able to pull it off the way it is, like he usually does with majority of his on-court attire.

    I'm still missing the old Rafa with sleeveless shirts & capris, but things change and people change.

  4. The shorts need to be solid or have only a very subtle pattern. The dots with the patterned shorts is way too much.

    I do like the green on Rafa. And the shoes are cool, too.

  5. Just one correction, Rafa's H2H with Blake is 2-3 soon to be 3-3 hopefully.
    Love the new outfit.

  6. The shorts would look really cool with just a plain (tight, obviously) black polo and they definitely look great with no shirt at all... :)

  7. Thanks anon - corrected!

    CC: LOL @ "tight, obviously." Like, big DUH.

  8. This kit reminds me of mint ice cream.

  9. Mint ice cream is YUMMY! Like Rafa!

    I flove the Rafit. My initial reaction was surprise. My brain went into over-drive. It was a lot to process. The lime green shirt, the checkered shorts, the sneakers, the head band, the hottness that is Rafa. After a moment of just staring open-mouthed at him, I began to squeal and giggle!

    The shorts are awesome. I can see them selling out. They'd go great with many different combination of shirts and colors...that is, if you're blessed. Otherwise, just stick to basic solids. I agree with everything you said about the Rafit in your original post RiCH. Fun! Love how Rafa goes for these exciting new colors! He's so confident in himself, and so Hott, that he can pull off anything....both literally and figuratively of course :D

    Rafa looks utterly ADORABLE in that kit. I flove how 3D it seems to be. It's a senses over-drive because Rafa and his tennis is ALSO extremely 3D!

    Love him! So happy for his victory. Baggy put up a good fight and the two of them had a cute moment at the net at the end of the match.

    Also, the crowd was going wild for Rafa!


    P.S. LOL CC! Well, OBVIOUSLY tight-fitted. Duh!

  10. FLOVE the shorts!!! Except they are too long, as always. Rafa, I beg of you, short-shorts, please. Me and Richie will make it worth your while. ;)

    Erm, I can speak for you, can't I Richie? I mean, you would do anything Rafa wanted you to, in order to see him in shorter shorts, no?

  11. I like the clothes but together...

    If he weren't "a bronzed, primal tennis gawd" he would look like my grandpa in his Saturday afternoon drinking-lemonade-whilst-sitting-on-the-porch-after-golf gear.

  12. That shade of mint green, on that smooth, burnt umber skintone; oh my!

    I felt that needed repeating. Now scroll back up and look at the pictures again, mmm.


  13. Wait!
    *rubs eyes*
    *looks at photos and reads post again*
    Those shorts are supposed to be navy blue?! Well, in that case:
    The shorts would look really cool with just a plain (tight, obviously) NAVY polo and they (still) definitely look great with no shirt at all... :)


  14. Don't forget that the shorts at AO had a little sparklie at the intersection of the lines. Real men wear pink. And sparklies.

  15. I mean, you would do anything Rafa wanted you to, in order to see him in shorter shorts, no?

    I can neither confirm nor deny the accusation. I'm innocent! Well, mostly. But still, I'M INNOCENT!

  16. i see he is still isnt done with his love affair with rainbows.Umm the minty shirt looks nice but the shorts looks like what my granda wore in bed.Yawn!

  17. The shorts look like golf shorts. The shirts are ok, but some of the colors are not good. Remember the FO. Nike is making Rafa look like an old man. He's only 23!! Unless he likes this attire, Rafa should speak up. They can compromise.

  18. I flove Rafa in green so I was excited to see him in some color (heard/read somewhere he might be wearing white). The shorts are kinda loud but Rafa makes it work, as per usual. Overall, I'm down. Vamos!

  19. a-ferfan: Rafa consults w/Nike on his clothes & the colors:) And he wears pink A LOT so I don't know why some people were so blown away by his FO kit.

  20. "a bronzed, primal tennis gawd"

    Oooohhh yes that's what he is. *shudders*

    I FLOVE the outfit. As you guys said, he can pull off anything. And I think the fresh minty colour of the shirt combined with the golf shorts is exactly what makes it not boring. Plus the cool shoes of course. :)

    He looks like a giant yummy After Eight. *sticks out tongue* *tries licking Rafamint*

  21. Is it crazy that i love the shorts?!?! The whole outfit actually... for some reason, Rafa pulled it off!

  22. This may show my age, but remember when patterns used to match up across seams on good clothes? So that, say, your busy dotted lines weren't made busier by the fact that they were constantly being fractured by seams? I know they wouldn't bother to do that on the mass produced ones, but I know Rafa's shirts aren't the same as the ones for sale to the public, why not give him shorts that are better made?

  23. I personally love the shorts but can't quite tell what color shirt would even go best with them. I mean a naby shirt would look fine but too safe so I guess green looks ok.


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