Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: JJ vexed by Vika in Doha, amps up ANTA style

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FASHION FIX: JJ vexed by Vika in Doha, amps up ANTA style

Jelena Jankovic's campaign for a first WTA Championship crown got sidetracked big time by a pesky Belarussian today.

The Serb was blasted by year-end debutante Victoria Azarenka 6-2, 6-3 in the first White Group match in Doha. JJ, whose forehand went on sabbatical, was none too pleased by her performance and offered an appreciative Vika a ReRe-style explanation for the loss, according to a tweet by Tennis Channel's James Larosa:

Oh ladies, please keep the comedy relief coming.

Back to the issue at hand: JJ debuted another new ANTA dress for this match and - surprise! - it's my fave one of 'em all. I love the reddish-pink color particularly against the purple background of the court, the simple design, and the gauzy striped tiering which billows nicely when in motion.

Can you believe it? No strange frills, weird embellishments, or shockingly bright colors. I guess her days of "pinata prettiness" are done. Phew.

*wipes brow*

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  1. I want that dress. None of these tennis dresses have made me want to buy them until this. It's lovely. Payday in a week, off to scroogle.


  2. Ok, when I scroogled 'buy anta tennis dress sport spain', nada, but the twenty-first result was this

    Dresses not cross dressing please.

    Heh heh, and my captcha is 'frecrock'.


  3. LOOOOL @ t. Maybe they attended the draw the other night and got confused.

  4. Ooh, Rich bitch!

    Maybe they have a tennis-themed act on there. And what about the imperfect ladyboys?

    Does anyone acutally know where/if I can buy what the players wear. I know nike is easy to navigate but I'm not familiar with this brand and want to get some decent sport clothing for once, not just something from the cheapy shops.

  5. What an awesome dress... Jelena's bod rocks this dress.


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