Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: JJ booted from Beijing, looks pretty in ANTA purple

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FASHION FIX: JJ booted from Beijing, looks pretty in ANTA purple

Jelena Jankovic still seems to be bothered by the arm injury which forced her to retire from the Tokyo final last week against Maria Sharapova.

The defending champ played well at the outset during her first round match in Beijing, and even served for the match in the second, but couldn't sustain her level of play and succumbed to homegirl Shuai Peng 4-6, 7-5, 6-2. Ugh.

JJ also debuted this new ANTA number and FINALLY sent the red version of the pinata dress to pasture (let's hope there's no returnament in that thing's future tennis career, k?) It looks like something she could've worn during a US Open night match with the deep purple coloring, gathering along the chest, shiny embellishments on the waist + skirt, and a pleated second-tier underneath. And let's face it, anything would look great after THAT other one.

Too bad we won't see it least this week.

(Photo: Getty)


  1. Hey Rich,
    Twitter is down at the moment on my end at least... So here ya go:

    @RawUncutTennis Sorry! Meant JJ finally getting a cute outfit together. It's only been 10 months!! I guess they saved it for Beijing. lol.


  2. This is much better than that nasty red dress. I really like the color a lot. And it still manages to have some JJ-crazy-flare, but not pinata-crazy, so that's nice to see lol.

  3. Damn Twitterfritz! Yes the is the best dress in a while I think. It does have the flare for sure but still manages to be wearable.

    And true, you don't feel the urge to tie her up on a tree branch and take cracks until her candy falls out. What a relief.

  4. I really can't imagine JJ with a vagina. D:


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