Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Dinara Safina or Frank N. Furter? You decide.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Dinara Safina or Frank N. Furter? You decide.

Dinara Safina is featured in all her glorious gothness in the November issue of Russian Harper's Bazaar.

In the issue she "reveals how to become the top-seeded tennis player in the world, and what she would do if she didn’t play tennis."

Question: Why does every lady baller have to be marketed as some kind of pouty model? Dinara is one of the last ladies (next to Sveta, maybe) that I would've imagined showing up trying to sell clothes in a fashion rag. It's not her schtick and now we can all see why.

It would've been great to see a few images Dinara smiling, looking relaxed and wearing some fun, youthful fashion to go along with the article. I mean, she's only 23-years old but looks so much older here. Ugh.

WAIT! So now I'm thinking Frank N. Furter was the mag's inspiration for Dinara's styling and just in time for Halloween. Now it all makes sense. I was so wrong.

UPDATE: Dinara just retired from her round robin match against Jelena Jankovic in Doha. There are unconfirmed reports she is suffering from a back injury. She left the court in tears. Vera Zvonareva will replace D in the White Group tomorrow if she's unable to play. Of course, Serena Williams will grab the year-end ranking if she doesn't show as well. Stay tuned.

UPDATE #2: Back injury reports now confirmed. Her participation is still in doubt.

UPDATE #3: Dinara's out of the YEC and ReRe's in as year-end No.1. How very anticlimactic, but the right lady baller got the big prize in the end.

(Photos: Harper's Bazaar via Forty Deuce)


  1. I didn't know Dinara had a waist before seeing the first picture. But I have to say that she does look much prettier than usual and her legs run on forever.

  2. LOL rich - nice reference. I think Dina looks really pretty in some of those pictures - her figure looks amazing. But I feel they're lacking in her personality. I really like how bubbly and funny she is, it's a pity they didn't show that.

  3. Oh, Richie. Don't you remember when you were a young girl and loved dressing up and wearing way too much make-up? ;)

    But yeah, I get your point about the young lady ballers. Forget that, how about ALL young girls (pop, movie stars, etc.) trying to get famous? You can't make it anymore unless you market yourself as a sex object.
    Now, if it were Rafa, I can completely understand the public demand...;)
    *calls Harper's Bazaar*
    *asks for Rafa-wrapped-only-in-chains-and-sprinkled-with-glitter issue*

  4. Her legs go on forever... my God...

    I think this is the worst end to Doha ever. I really do think Safina earned it, it's not like she got no.1 by lottery. No way in hell would I make a ranking system that rewards somone for winning twice in a year, even if they are the biggest tournaments. It's like promoting a guy in a company that works for like two days but does a freaking awesome job on those two days. Why would I do that? I'd rather go for the person who actually shows up every day and doesn't do a bad job!

    Yeah I know I know... each to their own about this issue!

  5. I'm a little torn on the pics. I think Dinara looks good (her back is gorge in #2 and her legs are slammin') but agree that the pouty-sex-object thing is a bit overdone lol.

    As far as the other news goes, in a word: ugh. What a crap way to end the year. I think I'll always be in Dinara's corner. She seems like a good kid with a good heart & a good work ethic; I hate that she gets bullied. Hope 2010 brings bigger & better things for D. :)

  6. Anon 6:24: I completely agree with you on the #1 ranking. It's true that Serena won 2 GS titles this year, but given her performance in the WTA tournaments, I wouldn't call her "the right woman" here, it's not really fair. Safina may choke in GS finals, but she didn't kill anybody to earn the #1 spot.

  7. the people what do we have grandslams for?? just for sponsors?? NO!! grandslams are what pro players work towards, all the other tournaments prepare them for the biggest stages of the dinara can win as many pro tourneys as she wants, but no one is remembered for that....its what goes down in the books, grandslam books......


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