Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Veronica Sawyer has a few choice words for you, FedFans

Monday, September 28, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Veronica Sawyer has a few choice words for you, FedFans

The above image is the stamp Austrian postal services will be issuing - 400,000 to be exact - in honor of Roger Federer's stint as the world's top baller.

The image was taken during his triumphant run at this year's Roland Garros where he tied Pete Sampras' Grand Slam record at 14 majors. He, of course, broke the record at Wimbledon the following month.

The stamps will be available for purchase beginning in February 2010.

So, FedFans, in the immortal words of Heathers' Veronica Sawyer: "Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up." (6:10)

(Photo via GoToTennis)


  1. Wait a minute, that link shows a pic of his Swiss stamp, with a wimbly trophy, not the Austrian stamp. Just so you know.

  2. Yeah, the story doesn't have the correct stamp. They prob used it as a place holder - most likely didn't have the artwork yet.

  3. Wow. I think what makes it so prestigious in my eyes is that it's Austrian and not Swiss so they are recognizing his brilliance ragardless of his nationality.

    Also, where the hell do I get one? I've started collecting stamps like an old person. I already have a few old (circa 1989) Austrian ones and this would be a great addition.

  4. Thanks for that funny clip! I want to lick that stamp ;)

  5. Wha...?! We are having a Federer stamp? I didn't even know! *lol*

    I find it kinda weird though. Why exactly are we praising him? But whatevs... Me thinks I could buy a truckload and sell it to Fedophiles on Ebay. ;-))

  6. I guess if someone in Austria can grab a stamp for your collection, wait! sonja lives there.

    sara meet sonja...sonja meet sara...LOL

  7. "I already have a few old (circa 1989)"
    You know I love you, you being the daughter I didn't know I had and all...but you might want to use a different word when referring to 1989. "Old" is not a word a young whippersnapper like you can use. Only us old people can call ourselves old. ;)
    And, uh, BTW, I remember when stamps went up to eighteen cents! :)

    *waves to Sonja*
    So! Why don't you start a nude Rafa stamp campaign? I'll sign up for half a million right now. ;)

  8. *Waves at long lost mother Natch*

    I totally meant "old" as a joke but it didn't come off as intended. Sorry. I know 1989 is definitely not old especially for stamps. I know people with stamps from the 1800's.

    Well hello there Sonja. I'm going to go ahead and call dibs. How about we cut out the middle man (ebay) and discuss prices? ;)

  9. "I totally meant "old" as a joke but it didn't come off as intended. "
    Sorry, sweetie. I knew you were joking. I was in a mad rush this morning when I was typing so MY joking didn't come across! See? Us (by "us" I mean me) old fogeys should NEVER try to rush. ;) I also meant to add that 1989 was an especially good year for me, as that was the year I nailed my first ATPer!! Good times, good times.:)

  10. Yo natch!! *waves back* I'm totally for that Naked Rafa Stamp campaign. *makes plans* *draws a draft*

    Now... "that was the year I nailed my first ATPer".
    Your first??! How many are there?? You lucky wench you! ;-)))

    So Sara, I see where this is going... you will use your collection to... err... show it to Rog or Rafa, won't you? ;-)
    I can only support that, so screw Ebay. :D

    But seriously: the Austrian Post has an online philately shop that ships to every country.
    Lookie here:

    I couldn't find the Federer stamp yet though - obviously it's not released yet.


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