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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Don't hate, Tipsy - imitate

Janko Tipsarevic waxes his usual philosophical self about tennis and his "hate" for fellow Serb Novak Djokovic.

In this day and age of pre-scripted PR talking points, isn't Tipsy's candor refreshing?

LOVE it.

(via ATP World Tour)


  1. Janko is definitely a smart cat. I love his perspective on things, I'm hoping he can give it a run next year at the aussie open, if he can make the quarters he'll set him up for a good year.

    I hope all is well Rich, we should form a doubles team on the WTA. I'm sure we could rack up some points. I'd love to take out Shrieka!!!

  2. That was amazing. It's great to seee an honest and well done piece instead of one meant to sell products or preconceived notions. I honestly never had an opinion of Janko but he basically just earned my respect.

  3. Nate W: LOL we can take out Shrieks. But I'm worried about the Williams sisters. I don't want to piss ReRe off. I like my throat.

    Sara: Wasn't it SO refreshing? And I love his quiet intensity. He's so earnest and sincere when he talks about his philosophy on life. I just wanna pinch those cheeks - on his face of course.

  4. You know, they all talk like that, but not in front of a camera. Good for you, Tipsy! *applauds*

    I'll help you take out Serena. All you have to do is think, "Kim pushed a kid out. That all you got?" ;)

  5. Tipsy's homophobic candor is also charming.



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