Google Down the Line!: Spain + Czech Republic to face off in Davis Cup final

Monday, September 21, 2009

Spain + Czech Republic to face off in Davis Cup final

The Czech Republic will travel to Spain to meet on Armada territory for the Davis Cup final after both teams secured dominating wins this weekend.

The defending champs, cheered on the sidelines by an still-injured Rafael Nadal, crushed Israel 4-1 while the Czechs overwhelmed Croatia by the same scoreline and reached their first DC final in 29 years. Damn - what took ya so long?!

Congrats to both teams for their big wins. The Czechs will have a tough time, though, stealing the title away from the Spaniards especially if they face off in the spectacular Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid with a Rafa-led Armada on red clay. But, you never know.

The final will take on December 4-6.

My fave pic from the weekend came courtesy of Italians Simone "The Beautiful" Bolelli + Potito Starace for obvs reasons (at least to me.)

(Photo: Getty)


  1. *opens door*
    anyone home?

    What I want to know is, did Rafa tear that muscle when you were on top, Richie, or me? ;)

  2. OMG natch is back! LOL well I was here in NYC and not in Cincy when it supposedly happened to him.

    So the question is: where were you???

  3. In Cincy. *whistles innocently*

    I brought you a present. Wait, let me go get it...

  4. ...Here it is:


    10. Mrs. SpankMe Stefanki is not a big fan of mine.

    9. Based on the amount of it in the locker room, Rogaine should become an ATP sponsor.

    8. Carlos Bernardes is the funniest Chair Umpire. By a mile.

    7. Nobody throws a party like the Frenchies. Merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup, mes amis.

    6. Marat Safin can have a quickie anytime, anywhere…with pretty much anyone. Am I right, Marat?

    5. You can buy condoms in bulk at any Costco across the country!

    4. Ross!

    3. ATP trainers have lots of interesting items in their bags that can be used for all kinds of activities besides tennis. (Thanks, boys!)

    2. Practice courts are to be used for practicing TENNIS only. (Dammit!) *puts away whip and cinnamon oil*

    And the Number One thing I learned on the ATP Tour…
    The young man from Mallorca? Doesn’t always wear his underpants.

  5. Am I dreaming? *pinches self*

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the ATP update!!! How I missed thee. Welcome back.

    Now, more dirt if you please.


  6. And the Number One thing I learned on the ATP Tour…
    The young man from Mallorca? Doesn’t always wear his underpants.

    I will only believe this with photographic evidence.



  7. Aw, sorry, Anon. Have you ever seen photographs with people's heads cut off, or the photographer's finger ruining the picture? Those are the kinds of shots I take. Besides, anything I saw flopping on Rafa I pounced on, rather than look for a camera! ;)

    I'm bound by contract, so I can't say too much. But I CAN say that every time I opened a closed door, Marat was having sex with somebody new. No wonder he had no energy to win a match! Alright, I'm exaggerating...but not by much.

  8. at least let us know was he wearing WHITE SHORTS without undies?! ;)

    *drooling all over*

  9. I'm new to the tennis scene. The first tennis matches I ever watched were Rafa defeating first Sam Q and then Andy R in the Davis Cup, this time last year, at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. The atmosphere was fantastic. I'm so glad they are returning to that venue for the championships.

    And, because it is a bullring, the American announcers were filled with metaphors and comparisons of Rafa as the bull. It was priceless. They didn't even seem to mind that he was, single-handedly, crushing the Americans.

  10. *empties out bag of stolen Rafapanties on floor*

    Now tell me natch, was it worth my effort?

  11. maite,
    HA HA! The only times I saw it was when he was done with a practice session. He had showered and changed, but not into street clothes. I don't know, maybe he was going to practice again, or was waiting for his physio to show up? But when I saw him like that, I would drop EVERYTHING and grab my sketchpad! ;) (What a shame I can't draw.)

    THANK YOU! I'll send ya a sketch.

  12. Ok natch, I will, however, settle for as vivid a description as you can give. Details may be embellished as you wish.


  13. High guys haven't ventured this way before & don't know why. Ever since I almost (well did) wee my panties from laughter over the tighty whiteys blogg I've been closet drooling ever since.
    So natch you may not sketch but your narratives will do fine. Give us hair by hair blows (you wish). Leave nothing out (or in, be it in this case). :) :-)


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