Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Nicole + Keith need to get a room

Monday, September 7, 2009

SIGHTING: Nicole + Keith need to get a room

Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and her musician hubby Keith Urban were spotted swapping spit during Roger Federer's imminent destruction of Tommy Robredo, who is currently down 2 sets and o-4 in the third set of their fourth round match at the US Open.

Clearly this boring match hasn't captured the couple's attention - or mine. Take me to Yawnsville.

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  1. Oh, you poor baby -- evidently YOU don't get kissed much -- your jealousy is showing big time.

  2. yeah clearly you are bored with the match because Roger lambasted Tommy easily without the usual "drama" that you are used to seeing of your medical timeouts, no scrambling around the courts, no grunting .in are used to seeing gamemanship and that makes it interesting for you ,no?you'll have to wait for more boring-ness cause in a day or two, youll be witnessed again to another upset, no?you wont be bored to tears anymore!youll be crying buckets instead because of heartbreak!lol

  3. Wow, your guy is winning, guys, chill! Such angry Fed fans. And yes, some matches are boring, even if they're played by the almighty Fed. Deal with it.

  4. People, CHILL! It's tennis not politics.

  5. Buahaha@RichHaters. I don't actually want to fuel the fire but I guess I am still doing it now.

    I love Fed and Nadal bores me, usually. But apart from that, I love this blog. Even if I might disagree at a lot of times with how hot everybody thinks Nadal is. If you guys hate this blog then don't read it. It's really simple. If you like to be annoyed and want to vent your weekly frustration off.. well.. okay, I guess you can do that also. But then at least put a name to your anon selfs.

    My point: Party poopers!


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