Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: JR caught fanning her HAWT self

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SIGHTING: JR caught fanning her HAWT self

Holy WAG.

Jelena Ristic was spotted in the baller box watching her high-orange man Novak Djokovic rout Ivan Ljubicic at the US Open today.

I know I said Brooklyn Decker maybe the hottest WAG on tour after her recent GQ shoot but JR takes my top prize after this sighting. Seriously - the shades, the fan, the tan? TO DIE.

I guess I can't be too mad she's with Nole. Well, maybe a little bit.

(images via getty)


  1. she walked by me this morning and i did a double take "omg it's jelena!". she is so pretty in person! so glad to see her out supporting novak live, so rare!

  2. She's the only one who can see Novak without even his favorite speedos!

  3. Nope. She's really not all that. She's like an accessory. Which is ok in itself.

  4. I love how she still looks so natural.


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