Google Down the Line!: Shrieka takes Tokyo, launches Cole Haan to the masses

Friday, September 25, 2009

Shrieka takes Tokyo, launches Cole Haan to the masses

Maria Sharapova has traveled to Tokyo, Japan for the Toray Pan Pacific and also to launch her Cole Haan Collection.

The 3-time Grand Slammer discussed the trip in her latest Weekly Doodle:

Hi everyone, I landed in Tokyo last night and looking forward to playing my last two events of the year!! I have had a good, positive 3 weeks of training and ready to play some matches!

I can't believe that I haven't been here in over 2 years! That should never happen! It never ceases to amaze me how interesting this country is! Just when you thought they had the best toilets, they get even better! Haha
Just took a run in the park and happened to pass by a group of 20 children which were clearly fascinated by my height. I don't speak much Japanese (none at all as a matter of fact) but I thought I overheard them say "ooooh giant" Made me laugh.

Just heading out to practice, but wanted to let you know that all is good! Oh and we're launching the Cole Haan collection tonight... it just hit stores here a week ago. Apparently one of my shoes is the # 1 selling shoe in all of Cole Haan stores back in the States. Pretty Exciting!! Not as exciting as its going to be to get back to #1 though!!:)

Those poor kids. They were probably terrified at the thought of being trampled on by Blondzilla.

Anyway, the hair and makeup are flawless here, but about this outfit - where should I even begin? The curtain tassels, the high-waisted leather shorts? C'mon Shrieka, you're supposed to make this tough. No fun. Boo.

(Photos: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Ugh. Masha. No, just no!
    Damn it! It should be forbidden to wear Lederhosen outside of Bayern. I know it's Oktoberfest, but you are not a Deutsches Mädel! Get it? Ok.
    And now go change and look like the Blondzilla/Glamazon you are, kthxbye.

  2. I'm still laughing at how I missed how wide her hips are. It's so obvious in that first photograph. Richie, HOW did we miss it all these years?!

  3. Hot or not, that's vulgar attire, Shara.
    Oh wait, vulgar *is* hot.

    Or, as my nephew states it, re women: "Vulgar is what you can't get."

  4. OMG. the boots are borderline throw back to the 80's

  5. This outfit is all kinds of nasty. *vomits*

    Oh and hey! Some of us are just born with birthing hips. We can't all be sticks!

  6. ROFL - *dying*

    The hiked up shorts are helping the birthing hips for sure.

    But let's just say they're "love handles".

    Sound good? LOL

  7. I HATE the outfit. But this kind of attire works in Tokyo street fashion, no? ;)

  8. Well yeah, the outfit is all messy, just a big NO.

    But who else can pull those off??? High waisted things are for the long torsos...

  9. Love it, love her, just loving all. She's not that bad, c'mon...


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