Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) RafaReport: He can practice and he can party

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

(UPDATED) RafaReport: He can practice and he can party

We haven't heard much from Rafael Nadal since his semifinal loss to eventual champ Juan Martin del Potro at the US Open.

But the 6-time Grand Slammer has been practicing indoors working on game as seen here in these videos (thanks Jyocka!):

He's also recovered from his nagging ab injury and will be traveling to Pekin and will support Madrid's Olympic campaign followed by Shanghai, Paris-Bercy, Barclays Masters Cup, and then the Davis Cup final.

But it seems from these photos that tennis isn't the only thing Rafa's had on his mind. Good for him. (Note to blondie: Xisca may not be there but we're all watching.)

UPDATE: Looks like he also took in some Real Madrid today with papa Sebastian and sis Maria Isabel though he must've missed the joke going on behind him. Focus peeps!

(videos via luneworld)


  1. lol Richie....the blondie is a good friend of Rafa's from Mallorca. no threat to X ;))

  2. Hi anonymous. You crack me up. I'm absolutely fucking sure the blondie is no threat at all, cause you see she is his 'sister'. I had a rather large chuckle when I read your comment.:) ;)

  3. That's his sister? Are you sure Seda?

  4. I know that's Maribel. i was talking about the blondie in the David cup party pictures ;))

  5. That's who I'm asking about as well. I don't think that's is sister...

  6. Michelle, you are right that girl is a friend from Mallorca

  7. *nods* I thought so. Rafa is such a cutie. But I'm so protective over him. I wish I were there to keep a look out...

  8. yes 'keep a look out' surly is what you have in

  9. LOL!

    *blushes* Ok. Maybe I'd want to talk to him. But there are too many vampires out there that need poofing!

    *sigh* Rafa is such a sweetie-pie! Did you see the video of him practicing? The part were he bursts out laughing after his physio ribs him about missing a serve by saying "very smooth eh Rafael?"...I just about melted into a puddle.


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