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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

QUOTES: US Open - Day Two

Q. With all you've been through, do you sometimes feel older than 21?

A: Yes. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, sometimes I have to think how old I am. Yeah, definitely.

Q. About how old do you feel right now?

A: 25 maybe (laughter.)

Q. That's not so bad.

A: And probably in a few days I will look like that with bags under my eyes.

- NaturAna on how she feels after her struggles this year

Q. Are you curious how the fans would welcome you this year after what happened last year?

A: Well, look, I mean, this is past. What happened last year, the way I get it, to be honest, was like, I don't know, a fight with a girlfriend. Just a little fight with a girlfriend. These things happen. It was something that everybody can learn from it.
I always felt like at home here. I played so well last three years. I see no reason for me thinking about something that happened already.
So today was great. I just hope that the fans will behave nice, you know, in the next rounds.

- Nole on the NY crowd's reception after last year's debacle

Q. How did you feel when you looked over at your coach at times in the match presumably for support, and he had very negative body language?

A: Well, I guess I had to think what I'm doing wrong that he's so negative. (laughter.)

Q. Do you respond more to a negative approach or a positive?

A: We'll skip this answer.

- Dinara on her coach Zeljko Krajan

Q. You have your sponsorship with ANTA now. Can you talk a little bit about what the relationship is right now? Are you still giving a lot of input about what kind of clothes you wear?

A: I really like my clothes. They're much different than some of the other dresses that are out there. I'm wearing at this moment a red dress, which it's a color that I like. Bright colors suit me. I wore last week yellow, now red. Red is a color of good luck, so hopefully I will have some luck in that way.
And, you know, ANTA is a great company. Hopefully we will grow bigger and bigger and get the promotion worldwide. Hopefully by wearing all of these nice and beautiful dresses, and they are very comfortable as well, hopefully the relationship will be very successful.

- JJ on clothing sponsor ANTA

Q. Unless I've missed something, this was the first time Frank Garry has been referred to in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

A: Well, he should be. He's a legend.

Q. Talk about beautiful, flowing buildings. What are your thoughts about his work?

A: I think he's a genius. When I was young, ever since I was 12 years old, I started admiring his work. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to see too much of it around the world.

When Tiffany approached me and told me that he wanted to work on my earrings for the US Open, I was completely blown away. When his collection came out ‑‑ actually, it came out a few months before I won the US Open. That was my first stop after I won. I think I bought like five pieces from his collection. I went to his studio a little bit ago.

Q. Is that in Malibu?

A: In Santa Monica. I was completely blown away. I mean, he has about a hundred‑and‑something projects that he works on at the same time. This whole table, a little part of each table had just things thrown together or papers thrown together in a certain way, and materials. In the middle of it all he had some ideas for some earrings that I was going to wear at the US Open. It was completely crazy.

- Shrieka on working with architect Frank Gehry

Q. There's one thing you do have to overcome. You're a Clippers fan.

A: Yeah, brutal. They just got Blake Griffin.

Q. But you are a Clippers fan, you admit that publicly?

A: Yes.

- Sam on his LA Clippers fandom

(image via Susan Mullane/Camerawork USA)

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