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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

QUOTES: US Open - Day One

Q. How did you injure your ear?

A: I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea.

Q. Come on, tell the truth.

A: No, I have no idea. I didn't go out there with it like that, I don't think. And then, I don't know, I saw like blood on my towel. I was looking around like this. No idea.

Q. Possible shaving accident?

A: No. My ears aren't actually that hairy.

- A-Rod on his mystery ear injury last night

Q. The occasion didn't call for it, but can you still do the splits that you were so famous for?

A: I can. (laughter.) Yeah. I'm not going to do them right now, but...

- Kimmie on her trademark on-court acrobatics

Q. The Samurais, were they up there at the other tournament or who's...

A: Kind of. They're mainly at LA Open, Indian Wells and some will be here this week. Most are back at school now, but a couple of my friends and kind of cousins of some friends live in New Haven, so they came out last week and took their shirts off and put some body paint on.

Q. Do you think you'll get some of them to come down here?

A: Yeah, actually some of my friends are flying out and staying for the week. So they'll be out.

- Sam on the (welcomed?) return of The Samurais

Q. Finally, what did it feel like when six of you in that van sort of went down and sort of descended on the park and sort of took it over as your own?

A: It was great. I love going to trunk tournaments. We used to travel in the bus, Volkswagen buses, really old. Sometimes we'd barely get there. We would get there, and I remember I used to always go watch play Venus play and I desperately wanted to be on the court. When I finally got my chance, I knew that's where I belonged. I still belong there, so I'm glad to still be there.

- ReRe on the early years

Q. You were having some problems with your serve. Commentators started talking about serving in women's tennis. One of them said the person who serves best will win the tournament. Do you agree with that?

A: I don't know. I don't care what commentators say. So it's just all, you know, like they aren't on the court winning championships. I don't really... Yeah.

- V on the talking heads of tennis

Q. You have to give Mirka more attention these days now?

A: Well, I did before. (laughter.) That's part of the deal, you know. I like spending time with her, and that doesn't change. We had a great relationship beforehand. Now it's the same, you know. There's just two babies involved, as well. We're trying to do our best. It's a lot of fun. When I go back to the hotel. Yeah, I mean, I'll see how it goes the next few months and years.

- Rog on life after the mangoes

Q. You showed a lot of support for Gasquet when he was suspended. He says he appreciates that very much from you. Can you talk about the reason, what went through your mind? You showed so much support for him.

A: The true is I support him a lot. First thing, because I believe in him. Second thing, because I think he's a very nice guy. I know him since 13 years old or 12 years old. I talk with him what happen. He told me he didn't take nothing. So I believe him 100%, and I think you know, it is open. I don't want to speak a lot about that and a lot of history is out about when I speak about that, but it's not 100% perfect sometime. If someone wants to kill you, somebody can kill you, you know? And you didn't do nothing. That's the true, no? That's my feeling what happened with Richard, and of course they say that, no? He won. In the beginning, it was three years, and then it was three years because he didn't take nothing. So I'm very happy for that, and I am sure a lot of players are very happy for Richard.

- Rafa on Reeshard

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  1. I saw Rafa fly by. It was like Haleys comet - this bright yellow spark of fire flyyyyyyyyying with a million screaming people running after. It was kind of hilarious, kind of WTF!

  2. Ah man I wish I did. Was he flanked by his peeps or out there all by himself (and ready for a grab)?

    The girl running by him in the pic is hysterical. I can't imagine what the pic ACTUALLY looks like now. "It's Rafa I swear!"

  3. SO, I noticed your blog about the "opraH" questions in press conferences and in reading them to day, almost EVERY major baller had a damn question about "when you were younger, did you ever dreamm......" etc. WTF, its so unecessary....of course everyone dreams, we all have them, its such a waste of a question I

  4. New short haircut is great on Rafa his new look is getting better all the time

  5. LOL you know, if he had any security around, I didn't see which is pretty brave to go from practice courts to court 17 alone! 0.0

    Her blurry picture will be a treasure. lol


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