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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It is a dream of mine. I want to work to get it. I make it a priority.

- Justine Henin on Wimbledon, the lone Grand Slam missing from her resume

Ah, yes. The memories of that shock loss to Marion Bartoli in the 2007 semifinals must still burn. It'll be tough but, let's be honest, she's got a HELLUVAH shot with those WTA headcases roaming the lawns.

PS - If you haven't already, check out this insightful piece on her "returnament" by ESPN's Bonnie D. Ford. It seems she was more affected by Roger Federer's Roland Garros win than Kim Clijster's big return.

(Photo: Racketeer)


  1. I think she can do it! Mauresmo is too old now so the only real threats are Serena and V. : )

  2. Hopefully this all-courter will open a can of whoop ass on the current crop of dumb baseline basher mental midgets.

  3. I'm hoping that the return of Justine and Kim will get the other girls to sports shrinks, or whatever they need to get mentally tough. It would make the women's game more fun to watch if it was more competitive.

  4. Justine is a cheater, we don't need her! [it rhymes]

    (French Open, never forget!!)


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