Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: We're gonna knock you out sucka (at least we think we can)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PHOTO OP: We're gonna knock you out sucka (at least we think we can)

For better or worse, John Isner + Gilles Simon finally joined Robby Ginepri as shirtless brigade members while practicing their Thai kick boxing moves at an ATP photo op in Bangkok.

I'm sorry but for some reason Gilly is SO not convincing in the top image (neither is John for that matter) though he's def trying hard to bring his "tough" face. Nice try. It looks like he's got a solid high kick below, though.

You confuse me, Frenchie.

PS - Peek-a-boo Robby, we can almost see you.

(Photos: Reuters, Getty)


  1. Absolutely No Words.

    Except Gilles is hot, no matter how dorky he looks.

  2. John might have to watch for the below the belt punches since his belt line is pretty much in everyone else's strike zone...

    And Robby, please PLEASE keep your backward cap on.

  3. Awwww, sweet, adorable Gilles! God, I LOVE that boy. I might have made him get on a scale so he could prove he does outweigh me. But not by much! ;)

    He would make a perfect boyfriend for you. He is every bit as lovable as he appears.

  4. Okay natch, forgot to ask about Gilly. Any juice on the Frenchie?

  5. That last pic is just too adorable. Also, Damn! Gilles is HOT!! I love France. Speaking of France, in my daily cyber-stalking of Yoann Gourcuff I found the latest issue of Sport&Style. The ladies of the WTA appear near the middle of the magazine in one of the pictures they took at the pre-Wimbledon party.
    (click on the corners to turn the pages, the picture is on page 78 I think. Yoann comes a bit after.)

  6. Richie,
    I only have juice from concentrate. ;) I love the Frenchies. They let me work out with them. :) I flove Gilles. One day I walked past him working out, and he said, "There goes the pretzel lady." Obvs, he had seen me in some yoga poses! I FLOVE him! He's so sweet and funny. He was kind to everyone who asked for an autograph. He was even kind to the press! Whenever I saw him, I told him I wanted to cook his meals and listen to him talk about his day, then tuck him in at night. He has a girlfriend, but don't let that get you down, Richie. You KNOW there's another Frenchie you have a shot with. Wink. Wink. *zips lips*

  7. I think Rich better stick with the Latino player. Just sayin...

  8. Hahaha hilarious douchebaggery all over the place here. But in a good way.

    Now natch, what's all that insider talk about?? Are you now an official ATP yoga lady? I'm so curious!! :)

  9. sonja: Me thinks she's been for a bit. Don't you want more juice? It's easy: just give her a name of some ATP baller and *poof* she gives you juice!

    sara: Love Yoann of course but I also love this virtual magazine turning-the-page thingy. So cool.

  10. Note how the ATP web site "fixed" the photo of Robby's kick. Can't be too racy :)

  11. josegsd: are you serious? *goes to check ATP site*


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