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Friday, September 11, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: A total washout - or is it?

", shut up. It's frickin' raining!!"

So obvs my trip to Flushing Meadows today to check out the ladies' semifinals was a total washout. And officially postponed today's session though I just received a text saying "there is a slim chance that the Nadal-Gonzalez match will resume if the weather permits."


But fear not: I will be there whenever the matches are rescheduled.

In the meantime, here are some images from today's "action."

Brian Lynch + Kim Clijsters

UPDATE: The Rafonzo match has been postponed.

*stomps feet + cries*

(Photos: Getty, Philip Hall/


  1. Today was the first day of the US Open I had the chance to watch some decent games comfy at home.. Tis sad.

  2. FACT 1: USTA spent thousands on 38 court-drying machines so that they can have tennis' version of the Zamboni machine.

    FACT 2: USTA thinks that removing water from a rain-soaked court is faster than preventing the courts getting wet in the first place.

    FACT 3: USTA believes that a tarp system is not as effective as water-removal machines because they will only cover the courts once the courts have been saturated with water.

    FACT 4: US Open is the best slam there is because it is run by the USTA.

    Please refer to this article if you don't believe the aforementioned excellence and foresight of the USTA:


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