Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Rafa + Shrieka take cover with Nike's AW77

Monday, September 7, 2009

PHOTO OP: Rafa + Shrieka take cover with Nike's AW77

Rafael Nadal + Maria Sharapova joined other Nike superstars including Sofia Boutella, Alexandre Pato, Manny Pacquiao, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James to present the story of one of the brand's most iconic pieces: the AW77 .

The athletes were photographed by renowned photog David Sims, styled/directed by Karl Templer and were shot in three cities over four months, with each bringing their own personality and attitude to tell the story.

"I think in the end, the most important thing is being true to yourself, being honest with yourself. You know what you are doing wrong, then, you correct and improve," said Rafa. "Off the court, I see that being normal will help you be better on the court. I like more or less to feel comfortable with what I wear on and off the court. And I like to be well dressed.

Check out more images from the campaign below and some behind-the-scenes action with Rafa here and with Shrieka here.

Thanks James!

(Photos: Nike)


  1. OMG!!! rafa looks so yummy

  2. Its quite funny the juxtaposition that I see: Shrieka is overly trying to be 'model-ly' giving the I-look-dead-in-the-eyes-i'm-soo-high-fashion look while Rafa is just standing there...

  3. Yes, but Rafa = pure win!
    Maria = epic. fail.

    It's like her head would explode, if she would try and go for a more natural just once! And the photoshop from hell isn't exactly helping.

  4. Rafa, my man, you are just too HOTT! It's getting ridiculous now! Just stop it! STOP!

    No...what am I saying..don't stop..DON'T YOU EVER STOP!

    My gosh! Rafa does stuff to me that I didn't know was possible!


    And still, the word "sexy" feels like an understatment.

    *whew!* What makes him so appealing is how NATURAL he is. He's just naturally a sweetheart, naturally charismatic, naturally HOTT, naturally a Champion! :D

  5. nadal could have a career as a fashion model these pictures prove it

  6. he keeps getting better and BETTER looking especially like the short haircut

  7. *sigh*

    it's like good Nike porn... :)

  8. Oh shucks no roger!!!!Bad marketing Nike!?good to see that one of my fave athlete Manny Pacquiao is included otherwise i wont bother going to Nike store for these hoodies.

  9. No Fed head?! SCORE!

    He would not have fit in with this message or the look. Now, if they were going to include gold embroidery, monograms, and matching murses..THEN..

  10. Richie..I need my smelling salts looking at Rafa's pics..pleeze..*swoon*..hurry, Rich! *thud*
    Never mind, sweetie.. ;>


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