Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Kimmie defeats Woz for US Open crown, earns second Grand Slam title

Monday, September 14, 2009

PHOTO OP: Kimmie defeats Woz for US Open crown, earns second Grand Slam title

Kim Clijsters completed her unlikely comeback last night when she defeated Caroline Wozniacki 7-5, 6-3 to win her second US Open ladies' title and second Grand Slam championship.

Kimmie was down a 2-4 in the first but was able to break back when the Dane was serving for the first set. She eventually took the set by breaking Wozzi again and ran through the second, dropping to her knees after smashing an overhead on match point.

It was a remarkable effort by the Belgian who was playing in only her third tourney since returning to the WTA tour. She becomes the first ladies' wild card ever to win a Grand Slam and the first mom to win a major since Evonne Goolagong won Wimbledon in 1980. Moreover, Kimmie will return to the tour rankings and land somewhere, oh, in the Top 20 with this victory. Nice moves.

Here's some of what she said in her post-match presser:

I'm still, whenever I see my group, every time I say, like, I can't believe this happened. Because it still seems so surreal that, yeah, in my third tournament back won my second Grand Slam.

Because it wasn't in the plan, kind of. I just wanted to come here and get a feel for it all over again, play a Grand Slam so the to start the next year I didn't have to go through all the new experiences over.

So, yeah, it just feels ‑‑ I mean, it feels great, obviously. It's a great feeling to have, but it's confusing in a lot of ways, as well. It went so quickly, everything, so I didn't really ‑‑ especially after yesterday's match. And then with the rain delays and everything, it just felt like especially these last couple of days everything went so quickly.

But it means the world, and I'm just so glad that I am able to share it with my husband who is here who wasn't here a few years ago, and with my whole group who is here. And with our daughter, of course, is the greatest thing ever.

Husband Brian Lynch and daughter Jada joined Kimmie on-court for a post-match photo op and celebration.

(Photos: Getty, AP )


  1. Jada Clijsters - US Open Champion 2030!!

    That kid is very nice!!!!!

    Mama Kim rocks tonight, so nice...but I wait that one day Caro win a major, she is very nice and play very well tonight!!

  2. Rich, she's No. 19 to be exact. So happy she's back. And isn't Jada the cutest thing? Love her wild curly locks. haha

  3. Ay, what a ride. I mean, this is a thing, for Kimmie I mean, whenever she feels bad in the future she just has to look back on how 2009 went and at least that will make her smile. What a tournament! And yeah, the kid is the cutest!

  4. Wait. I believe Kimmie won 7-5 6-3, no?

    Congrats to both ladies! What a lovely, smiley, gracious end to a pretty wacky USO. :)

  5. Three tournaments back and she has a slam. It is so great to see her back!!!

  6. Yes, Johanne, I thought Kim won 7-5, 6-3 as well. She is terrific for the game and it is nice to see a different winner!

  7. Yeah got the score reversed damn dyslexia thanks for catching my fuck ups LOL!


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