Google Down the Line!: Mels gets the short end of her hotel stick

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mels gets the short end of her hotel stick

"Damn you Marriott. Now Wozzi's gonna pay."

Melanie Oudin may be starting to get respect in the locker room because of her rousing run at this year's US Open, but apparently she's not getting much from The Marriott hotel chain.

Via Sports Business Journal:

Melanie Oudin was booted Sunday from her Times Square hotel because her reservation was up. The 70th-ranked tennis player had not expected to remain in N.Y. so long, as she was only booked at the Marriott through the first week of the tournament. Her agent, BEST Tennis President John Tobias, through the company's travel agent, Sport Travel, quickly got her into the Intercontinental. Tobias: "Obviously, we will not be sending any of our players back to that hotel.” The Marriott could not confirm Oudin was staying there, spokesperson Kathleen Duffy said. She said it was possible Oudin was staying there registered under a different name.

Nice moves Marriott. Not that Mels needed more motivation to win in tomorrow night's quarterfinal but now you've pissed her off. Wozzi better beware.

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  1. Someone's angry at the Marriott, eh? Next time stay at the Holiday Inn!

  2. Thees Melanie kid ees inspiring, si? What a breath of fresh air and talent for one so young. What a wunderfeel run she ees having. I luvs her spunk and determination. So who would have thought? (Least of all, herself!)


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