Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Marin stuns Muzz, makes first major quarterfinal at UpSet Open

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

(UPDATED) Marin stuns Muzz, makes first major quarterfinal at UpSet Open

Marin Cilic caused one of the biggest shockers at this year's US Open upending a mopey-looking Andy Murray 7-5, 6-2, 6-2 in the fourth round. He hit 35 winners against 41 errors in the win and will next face Juan Martin del Potro for a spot in the final four.

Congrats to Marin for making his first major quarterfinal and stepping up against the world's second best baller and many pundit's picks for winning the whole tourney.

As for Muzz, well, it was a very disappointing effort and gave me flashbacks of his lackluster effort in the final last year against Roger Federer. Pressure is the name of the game and I think it took hold of Muzz today, like it did last year, and didn't let go. And, to make matters worse, he could lose the second spot in the rankings to Rafael Nadal if the Spaniard wins his match against Gael Monfils tonight.

Is it possible the Brit baller is a mental midget in disguise?

UPDATE: Muzz was asked about a left wrist issue in his post-match presser but the 22-year old refused to discuss it in detail or blame it for the loss.

Q. You seemed to be having trouble with your left wrist. Is there a problem? And if so, has it arisen today or has it been ongoing?
ANDY MURRAY: I had a problem with it for a week or so. But regardless, I mean, you know, I just struggled today. I played poorly. You know, I'm obviously very disappointed. I mean, after, you know, the way that the last three Slams went I felt like I had actually played well and lost.
And today, you know, it didn't feel like didn't feel like I played well. I had my chance in the first set, and then, you know, struggled after that. You know, energy was I mean, I guess the momentum went with him, and I didn't manage to get it back. So, you know, I wasn't able to return well.

Q. The hand was bothering you on the return, is that what you're saying?
ANDY MURRAY: No, regardless of my wrist, it has you know, I lost the match. I returned poorly and he served well, and, you know, that was really the difference, guess.
I felt like in the first set, you know, when I was getting into the rallies I was able to move him around and have my chances. And then, you know, once he got the first set, he started serving well and started playing really aggressive. He was shanking a lot of forehands in the first set.
Then in the second he started dropping in, and then he started hitting the ball very clean after that and dictated all of the points.

Q. Do you know what the wrist problem is exactly?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, but I will try not to discuss injuries, as, you know, I leave it to my doctors and physio to let me know, you know, what I should be doing with it and how much I should be playing and how much time I need to take off.
You know, but I'm not going to give out any details.

(Photos: Getty, AP)


  1. Marin!!! I woke up this morning expecting Murray to be nearing the finish line, and what happens? Marin's up a set and a couple of breaks, and I didn't record it. DAMMIT! Watched the last half of the match though; Andy did seem titchy.

  2. this is for you Murray

  3. stunned and shocked when I came home to look online to see who, what a way to stay on top of things murray.....such a strange loss....

  4. wow...didnt see this coming from a mile away.>>!!

  5. No disguise necessary!

    And I'm British BTY!

  6. This is probably the worst Open EVER. Only two seeds remaining in the women's side and now this? Tsktsk.

    I say give Roger and ReRe the trophies already. The rest of the matches are mere formalities.

  7. Murray was lifting weights on his day off ...Idiot.

  8. Good thing is: Rafa's back on No. 2, hehe.

    Really weird performance by Andy though. He looked really pissed during shakehands.

  9. Happy for Cilic, boggled by Andy...this is so not his game anymore. Now he'll have double the pressure next slam.


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