Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) From Juju to Kimmie...with love

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

(UPDATED) From Juju to Kimmie...with love

Justine Henin, whose own supposed comeback is rumored to be underway, had some nice words for her countrywoman Kim Clijsters after her US Open victory this weekend:

Dear Kim,

Congratulations with your magnificent victory.
Once again, Jada can be very proud of her mama. Your achievement is just fantastic! Warm applause to you and your whole family.

Best regards,

Nice to see the support between the two Belgian lady ballers. Now hurry up Juju and get yourself back on court!

UPDATE: According to's The Ticker, the comeback may be announced sooner than later...
According to TV channel RTBF, Justine Henin has placed an order for 14 racquets tailored to her specifications and may announce her comeback in a press conference held as early as this week.
Me thinks we should retire the word "retirement" in tennis. For good.

UPDATE #2: Even Kimmie thinks Juju is making a comeback...
I do think that she's planning something. The way she ended her career seemed strange to me. I do think that she will come back.
Yup, her retirement and the reasons behind it are still very confusing to me, too. I wonder if we'll ever know the real reason.



  1. bla bla bla...

    Justine Henin is out of tennis right?
    Why she always find a way to be the notice!!

    I dont like her!!!

  2. Huh. Well, everyone who wanted to win RG for the next five years better kiss that idea goodbye...

    lol no, that's awesome! I hope she has a good comeback like Kim does. With Kim and Justine both back, the ladies will all be working double time to keep up.

  3. LOL exactly. I just added an update where Kimmie says she thinks she's planning something and that her retirement seemed strange to her too. Join the club Kimmie - it's still a mystery to all of us.

    Why don't they just say, "I NEED A FUCKING BREAK!" and take one? I bet their sponsors wouldn't be too please with that idea.

  4. Ha, I guess the Williams won't be winning any Slams for a while. Not even Wimbledon, if Lisicki and Azarenka get themselves together.

    We all miss Juju, attitude aside. ;)

  5. Justine's comeback would be the icing on the cake after Kimmie winning the USO. This makes up for having to watch Serena win AO and Wimbledon


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