Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: DF makes return to prime time, subdues Simon

Thursday, September 3, 2009

FASHION FIX: DF makes return to prime time, subdues Simon

Roger Federer aka Darth Federer made his ominous return to prime time tennis at the US Open in what was an historic night.

DF entered as the first match of the night sesssion, the first time the boy's match was scheduled as the opening act since 1986. The Swiss Maestro was pushed by journeyman Simon Greul their second round match but his quality ultimately prevailed defeating the German baller 6-3, 7-5, 7-5. He'll face old nemesis Lleyton Hewitt, whom he's beaten the last 13 times, for a spot in the Round of 16.

DF also debuted his evening wear - the Nike Men's Fall Open Polo ($50) in black with challenge red + white - to go along with his challenge red + black dayfit for this Grand Slam campaign. He's also sporting a sneaky, matching belt to compliment the outfit (see top image.)

The 15-time Grand Slammer also unveiled these sick + sleek looking Nike Air Vapor VI Tour Men's Shoe ($115) which I absolutely loved.

After missing big time with the wannabe catsuit from last year's US Open, I'm relieved Nike returned Rog to his DF ways. Now, I can't imagine wearing this all black number in the heat of a midday match but maybe early mornings and/or night. Plus, each of these pieces could be worn off-court to make a casual outfit look a bit more sporty.

(Photos: Getty, Tennis Warehouse)


  1. Rich, please take a look at the cheetah that adidas put on Fernie's back!

  2. very stylish uso kit for darth fed.....a fab one to go with the darth vader theme entrance which is very slick...

  3. The outfit is great. I really love the belts he has been wearing at the Grand Slams.

  4. Not that it matters really, but it's simon Greul, not Gruel. :))

  5. sonja: Of course it matters - thanks for the catch! I love having editors around the world...

  6. 'wannabe catsuit' Mwuhahaha I crapped my pants from laughing!


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