Google Down the Line!: Stay cool (or lit up) with Grey Goose's Honey Deuce

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stay cool (or lit up) with Grey Goose's Honey Deuce

Grey Goose is an official sponsor of this year's US Open and have created a sumptuous and tasty cocktail just for the occasion: the HONEY DEUCE.

Here's the recipe:

So if you can't make it out to the year's final major, at least drink like you were there. I know I already have. Enjoy!

(image via Grey Goose)


  1. YUM!!

    sadly I'll be doing this USO on the super cheap so I'll have to make that myself here. lol

  2. I guess Marat substitutes all other ingredients with vodka and just simply drinks a bottle.

  3. I had this delicious signature cocktail at last year's Open...I still dream about it! :) I'll have to make them at home though this year :(

  4. I had this at the Open last year as well, and it was very, very tasty. The pricetag, however, was not.

  5. i had my honey deuce yesterday, the bar is empty on kids day lol. however, i was quite disappointed as they didn't put any honey dew in it! the bartender told us that their melons had gone bad : (


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