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Sunday, August 16, 2009

SIGHTING: Fly-away Shrieka co-hosts TAG Heuer event in Toronto

Maria Sharapova and her fly-away hair were spotted at sponsor TAG Heuer's cocktail reception at the Royal De Versailles Jewellers in Toronto where the 22-year old had co-hosting duties.

Shrieka is entered into the Rogers Cup draw which begins next week and will face compatriot Nadia Petrova in the first round. I'd say the draw gawds weren't kind to the 3-time Grand Slammer but she handled Nads pretty easily (read: 6-1, 6-2 beatdown) during their last meetup in Stanford.

Thanks Nirili!

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  1. Is that the only pair of shoes Shrieky has? I think I have seen her in every variation of those style of shoes. I know she had a pair of Christin Leboutin that she wore to almost every event, then there were the flats, and now these. I know there is a recession on, but come on now even plebs like myself have more than 1 pair of shoes in my closet at a time.

  2. HA - they're actually from her Cole Haan collection in a grey color:

    I suppose she should pimp her own line now and then.

  3. Thanks for that Rich. No wonder she keeps wearing them. Nothing like self-advertisement. I have to admit that I dont particularly care for them.

  4. Oh Karen, don't be a typical catty hater. Poor form. I'm the first to note when Maria looks dodgy. But she looks great there. Thumbs up.

  5. i really don't see the "beauty" in maria sharapova i find her really dull in interviews and she tries to be likable and it doesnt seem natural to me a bit reheasered maybe?
    she's got great legs not doubt and a good body but she's nothing special somethign in me still think she's an anna kournikova wanna be in the looks department
    that being sed i'd kill for her legs

  6. Why does she wear such high heels if she's like 6 feet or more?

  7. because she doesn't give a shit about intimidating the midget men. i find it kind of funny and actually adirmable. wish more tall women had the confidence to do that instead of slouching around and trying to make themselves seem less just so some insecure guy won't feel intimidated. if i had a dollar for every tall teenaged girl i knew who tried to hide and slouch...


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