Google Down the Line!: The Samurais extend HotHaas an olive branch...and a beer

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Samurais extend HotHaas an olive branch...and a beer

The Samurais would like to make an amends with Tommy Haas Obama-style.

The German was visibly irritated by the rowdy supporters of eventual LA champ Sam Querrey during their semifinal bout and described the group as having "no class" afterwards.

But now the shirtless wonders are trying to calm the stormy waters, though they still disagree on the matter at hand:

First off, we would like to extend an apology to Tommy Haas for what he he believes was 'inappropriate' and 'classless' behavior.... Contrary to what Tommy Haas asserted, we were not cheering his errors and missed serves (our restraint is something we actually take pride in), but, simply applauding (yes, in a pretty boisterous fashion) the unbelievable effort from our former classmate and good friend, Sam Querrey. We understand that this line can easily be blurred in a competitive tennis match and therefore apologize to Haas for the confusion. To make up for it, we would like to follow in the steps of the White House, and offer to take Haas out for a beer (Beck's of course) and reconcile our differences at the upcoming U.S. Open Championships.... Again, we are simply trying to direct some passion and spirit toward the great game of tennis that we all love.... The Samurai.

Ah, just what tennis needs - a little back and forth. If the ladies can do it, why can't the boys?

Let's just say I can't wait for the rematch.

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  1. This doesn't sound like much of an apology. It actually sounds like they're calling him a crazy old guy but trying to disguise it as an apology.

    If they're trying to disprove Tommy's "classless" label, sending it to the LA Times did the exact opposite. They've now come off as media whores.

  2. There was actually an interesting article about this somewhere..... bascially saying Haas has a major case of sour grapes, and that tennis has seen a major decline in attendance outside of the Masters events and four grand slams. Therefore, fans should not be punished for going a little stir-crazy. Gotta say, I agree with this one.... what's wrong with a little noise?? The crowd are constantly told to shut up, and it's not in the interest of the game if you can't get passionate about your sport, ala football or soccer

    - Karolina

  3. I don't care for Haas, but I don't think a bunch of screaming douches helps tennis be more popular. I like a passionate crowd, but I see the the J-bloke and the Samurai as frat boys trying to draw people's attention. It's annoying.

  4. Obvs I like a little mouthy, back and forth in the press between ballers, etc. The sport could use a little more "in your face" attitude to go with it's usual placidness.

    But I don't believe in disrupting an opponents serve, cheering errors, or causing trouble during a match. If they're cheering, albeit very loudly, for their baller in support I don't see the problem.

  5. I prefer Joey "ACE HIS ASS" Porter.


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