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Thursday, August 6, 2009

PHOTO OP: A wet Miles is still a hot Miles

Team Muzz, which still includes Alex Corretja, have been in Miami training Andy Murray for his return to the ATP World Tour next week in Montreal (color me SO excited for this tourney.)

It's steaming hot in the South Florida city at the moment so what does sexy coach Miles Maclagan have to do to stay cool? GET ALL WET of course and make sure to have the cameras going for our viewing pleasure.

Drool on.

See more of Muzz's Miami training sessions over at!

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  1. He is hot while his ward is not!Gosh, does someone really care enough to go and visit his wards website?I am not going to waste my time feasting my eyes on total wimpyness and subject my self to even seconds of boredom!What a lame personality and a lame attitude on and off the court!


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