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Sunday, August 16, 2009

PHOTO OP: Now who should REALLY be hiding their face?

"I just got blitzed and I still haven't taken a breath yet."

Jelena Jankovic's game may finally be getting back on track this season. *fingers crossed*

Even after a grueling semifinal bout against Elena Dementieva last night that saw her save four match points and get bageled in the second set, the Serb still upended top seed Dinara Safina 6-4, 6-2 to grab the title in Cincinnati. JJ played solid from the backcourt, and despite a classic dramatic pause (read: call for the trainer) she managed to earn her second title this season (Marbella). Interesting Fact Alert: it was JJ's first win over a reigning World No.1 evah.

As for Dinara, it was another tense, error-strewn performance by the Russian. The girl really needs to learn to relax and enjoy these match moments. Or at least fake it 'til she makes it. Something. Please.

(image via getty)


  1. She got lucky that she got two top chokers on her draw. Ugh. Her only real big win in this tourney was against Vika.

  2. I agree with you Rich. Dina seems so stressed out during matches. I think she seems to have too much dependence on her coach as well.

  3. She needs to drip her coach. The way he talked to her was astonishing. She's never going to have the required confidence with him.

  4. Well too bad for Dinara..or cant afford to make errors when playing against Jankovic. She won fair and square


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